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Cryptocurrencies Crystal Ball for 2018

If Only You Had a Crystal Ball for Crypto!

   It may seem strange for a crypto currency fan to not be bullish(pro) bit coin for 2018.  Instead, I see a favorable future for ripple, ethereum, and maybe Dash, Litecoin, Bit Coin Cash, and Iota.  I’d rather bet on use then simple agreed upon value.

2018 Picks in Order


  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
  • Dash
  • Lite Coin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Iota


   Bit Coin Has a Giant Lead But…

   Bit coin has gotten all the press and publicity lately but it also has a congested network that has long transaction times and expensive transaction fees.  The idea of a crypto currency is to be a global form of payment, have fast transaction speed, low fees, be accepted by vendors, and a bonus if it has other uses.


Ethereum is reasonably fast, has low transaction fees, has wide acceptance in crypto exchanges AND has use to developers built into the technology.  Unfortunately, the supply is not limited as there is an inflationary rate.  The inflationary/deflationary nature is set to be appealing in the future as per Reddit

   Ripple just got the announcement of a large Japanese establishment agreeing to work with it.  I believe it was mentioned that testing with cross border payments in Korea were taking place as well.  Transaction times are fast and fees are minimal.  True decentralization is not present in Ripple.  50%-60% of the coin is held by the developers(head).  They will have the power to sell off their coin at any time and have the ability to effect price.  There is not a finite amount of ripple.  Ripple coins can be created at will. (source Investopedia).

Dash, Lite Coin, Bitcoin Cash

   These are reasonably fast coins, have low transaction fees, and have a finite limited supply.  This means that additional coins will never be added to the mix.  I interpret these coins as being in a race for being the most widely adopted out of the group.  If vendors move to accept these as forms of payment the one gaining the most acceptance would be an excellent store of value.  It’s interesting to note that Dash has a feature called private send that attempts to make payments even more anonymous.  I do feel that if tracking money became insanely difficult with Dash it might suffer from government legislation and go more underground.   Dash also plans project Evolution in which it works to make things easy for the general public.


   Iota boasts having zero transaction costs.  The idea is that the user making a transaction will process two transactions before their transaction goes through.  A clever enough system to develop fast payments.  It talks a lot about the sharing of data in its system and it’s ability to help the world.  It has been noted that microsoft has been a participant in it’s coin, not a partner (Made clear by IOTA development staff).

Cardano and NEM

   Cardano puts an impressive paper together describing their product and boasts having great minds(universities) behind it.  It has been pretty flat in performance, but yet, today as of writing this it is number six in total market cap so I thought I would at least include them.  NEM intrigued me with priority given to more active users.  We’ll have to see how these two develop.

All in all, holding all these coins would be a reasonable bet.  One could take larger positions in the one’s they believe hold the most value, thus, spreading out one’s risk. I’m interested in hearing your opinions as there is a lot of information out there and things are not made easier in picking winners when big money people pump and dump and sudden panics seem to hit the industry.

By God, I Figured You Out Bit Coin – Cryptocurrency Profits

Be Ready to Risk it All


I think today’s advice is pretty sound regarding investing in cryptocurrency at least of 12/24/2017

It’s very easy for a group of big money people to pull the price up of crypto coins. Price starts going up and people become interested. That would be human nature. But, guess what, they then get to decide when to pull the switch and withdraw their support(money). When that happens you can bet that they will start a big sell off drastically effecting the price.

Who gets hurt? That would be the guy that has invested money he can’t afford to lose. You see these people can just keep applying the pressure lowering the price until you decide to reduce your position if you have too much out there invested. Then they just swoop in and buy the crypto coin at a really cheap price and start the process all over again driving it up.

Big Thing to Remember, Don’t Invest Money You Can’t Handle it Approaching Near Zero in Crypto

This process of big money people manipulating the price really isn’t beneficial to the growth of crypto currency.  The big swings in prices probably keep a lot of people out of the market.

2017 produced some huge returns in crypto currency, and in my personal opinion, I think crypto will continue to produce.  Yet, because of the big swings, putting too large of position in is not ideal

  Next, why would I share such good information?  Why wouldn’t I let you get squeezed by the process and just take advantage of the big lows myself?  If I give you good enough information maybe you’ll subscribe to the blog 🙂

Disclaimer: Investment advice is not being given, this is simply my opinion