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Critical Crypto Coin Update Answers Needed!

Truly Limited Cryptocurrencies

   image from Dash.org

   I see rising support for INFLATIONARY currencies in crypto coin.   If we are looking to have great technology, fast payments, and low transaction costs then the current rising prices of ripple, cardano, and stellar make sense.  Please keep in mind that 50-60% or ripple’s coin is held by their team.  The ripple foundation can make more coin as well.  That is NOT very decentralized.  Stellar has a 1% inflation rate.  Cardano is inflationary.

   Stellar and Cardano discuss their democratic processes of running and handling fees on their sites.  You can look to them for more information to evaluate them. 

   My main concern is that people that truly want decentralization end up with it and those that truly want a limited supply get that as well.  In the infographic above crypto  currencies that are Truly Limited by their set up are listed.  No more can be made.  Note that they don’t seem to be receiving as much attention in price right now as ripple, cardano, and stellar 01.03.2018 4:32am Pacific

Who wins the war between Bit Coin Cash, Lite Coin, and Dash?

   Listed here is a post comparing bit coin cash to lite coin: Litecoin vs. Bit Coin Cash

   I personally like the way that DASH is headed, but, there is a lot of support for bit coin cash and I get the feeling that powerful marketing forces are at hand.  Bitcoin.com, the domain many new people visit, makes reference to bit coin cash!  The powerful Charlie Lee, the figure head of lite coin, has stated that he is stepping down.  It looks like it is time for large holders of bit coin cash to come looking for pay day!