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Santa Checks His List Building Twice!

List Building Santa Check’s it Twice!


    If you get yourself a large responsive list then it will feel like Santa is coming to town.  Big gifts will be bestowed upon you!

   What would you give up your email address for?  If your interested in knowing something bad enough you would right.  Therefore, it is indeed what you know and your sharing it in emails that is attractive to a potential subscriber.  It’s also what you might be sharing in the future, so it benefits you to build credibility and to have regular helpful emails going out.

   It’s also fair to say that you might subscribe to learn more about a person and who they know.  You might be interested in who they network with.  What better way to show your interest in a person than showing them your interested in what they have to say in emails.

   So it pays to build relationships if you desire a following.  People may subscribe to start the process of building a relationship with you and your network.

   In addition, I’d like to add it’s what you have to give as well.  For instance, maybe you can offer a discount on something that no one else can.  I’d whip my email address out for something I’d like a discount on, wouldn’t you?

   Hopefully, this got you thinking about what you can offer others to build that list.  Putting this all together, what can you learn that is most valuable to others, who is the most influential, and what do you have to give?  The rest is just presentation right…

Target Market – Feeding a Carrot to a Dog is Futile

Targeting in marketing – Don’t Feed a Carrot to a Dog

Have you ever tried feeding a carrot to a dog? It doesn’t work very well does it. Yesterday, I discussed hijacking traffic and target is definitely involved. Targeting and Marketing/Advertising is joined at the hip big time, no debate. Many of us know this but…

How razor sharp targeted are you? It makes a big difference!

It’s very clear who I write for and even more so since thinking about it recently. I write for marketers and the community I work in, which also happens to have a lot of marketers.

I like to think of content marketing as value marketing. In exchange for information the marketer is rewarded with attention. Plain and simple. Your goal is to provide as much value as possible and to keep people wanting more. You want them to binge off your information.

“Content Marketing is actually very plausible for
binge content consumption.”– Orlee Gillis

Once you know their direction, your content can become a bottomless treasure chest: your customer will keep digging for more of what he loves. He’s not just looking for content to enjoy. He has questions to be answered, blanks to fill in, and needs to satisfy.“- Orlee Gillis

It’s an on demand society so have information easily available, preferably in different forms, so they can get it NOW and the way they want. Getting someone to binge off your information requires you know what they want. You have to know your person, your TARGET.

1. Who is your audience?

2. What Questions Do They Have?

3. Can you make life easier with tools and information?

These questions MUST be KNOWN to effectively perform content marketing well.

Communicate with Your Target so the Magic Happens:

Email communication and social media make it possible to let an audience know there is value to be consumed. This is the modern pull(attract) system over the push system of old times. It lends itself very nicely to word of mouth advertising made effortless by having near by social media buttons.

Finally, an example of targeting combined with advertisement from our industry.

We run this ad at Easyhits4u and it does quite well. You’ll notice that it names Easyhits4u specifically. It mentions making guaranteed earnings at a place where many are surfing for cash. This page also resembles their old prize page. Specific is a great word to describe targeting.

In summary, it helps tremendously to know what your audience is looking for. Get very specific about the WHO you are providing value for. It will help your content marketing and advertising.

Hope this helped your business!

Want to know whats working and what isn’t?  Check out this tracking software.

Referrences: How to Give Your Customer What She is Looking for by Orlee Gillis

Wall Street Wakes and Makes Wealthy Waves!

Remember the Movie Wall Street?


   The 1987 movie, Wall Street, starred Charlie Sheen and Michael Douglas.  At one point in the show Charlie is trying to get the big player stock brokers attention, Michael Douglas.

  Sheen tries to bring him research on a company to make money off of.  The big Tycoon tells him I got 20 other guys doing the same thing for me.  Bring me something I can use, something they can’t.  I compare this to how the modern content marketer must feel.  The amount of information they compete with is insane.

   Today’s discussion is on something that can help you stick out in a big way, show creativity, solidify your brand, engage your customers, and if you were in the movie Wall Street, impress Michael Douglas.  The answer is Story Telling.

   Story telling has been with us since the dawn of communication.  We can relate to a story, but, just how is it used in Marketing.  In these modern times social media is really big.  Word of mouth advertising has become a power house.  Hence, this is why story telling is so big.  People can remember the story and they can be emotionally moved by a story.  This emotion prompts us to share.

“The principles and success factors are closely related with word-of-mouth, social sharing, social media in general, brand perception and the very core of content marketing.”– J-P De Clerck

“Stories make messages pass easier.”– J-P De Clerck

   I found a couple consistent messages with the construction of story telling in marketing.

“The key to creating consistently amazing pieces of content is to remember that you aren’t the hero in this story.  The hero is your audience.”– Jonathan Chan

“The customer should be the main character, with your company serving as the supporting character that offers tools to help them create successful resolutions.”– J-P De Clerck

    Our company story is built around the creation of a traffic exchange.  It’s about three guys that loved traffic exchanges so much they dedicated their lives to it.  We want others to experience the fun and success AND the real heroes of our story… it’s the members that rallied around us, supporting our calling.

   If your interested in our entire story visit the Legacyhits Story.

In summary, your content marketing shouldn’t be without story telling mixed in.  It’s too powerful in a modern social media world where things are so easily shared.  It’s too human to be ignored.

Good Reads and Sources:

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The More We Share the More We Have- Content Marketing Essentials

“The Miracle is This: the More We Share the More We Have.”- Leonard Nimoy

   Guarded secrets, access to incredible sources, research, new technology, communication mastery, and valuable knowledge.  Are you intrigued yet?  I am.  It is the pull, attraction, lure, list builder, the value carrot.  This is the foundation of content marketing.

   So what do you think of Leonard Nimoy’s quote?  It’s a simple concept, but how many slow down, stop, and really understand what this means.  When two people share ideas or skills it makes it possible that both are left with more value then when they started.  People flourish under this model, and it should come to no surprise that it makes for a successful business model.

“You Can Have Everything in Life You Want if You Will Just Help Enough Other People Get What They Want.”– Zig Ziglar

   Zig’s concept is what content marketing is all about.  If you want that email address or doorway to communication on social media to be there, you guessed it, you have to provide value to help your receiver.

   The interesting thing is that you don’t have to come up with mind blowing unique, fresh, content.  You can research what others have done, thank them for their value, and do everyone a favor by passing the information along.  Everyone benefits.  The writers message gets out, your value as an information giver increases, and the receivers get content.

   Now if you can contribute your own unique content that is of high value, then you are on your way to thought leader and influencer.  This is a very valuable place to be.  Share some good things today!

   To help you in your content journey I’ll list the twitter usernames of influencers in their specialties.  Gain information for yourself and to pass on to others.

Email Marketing– @addthis @socialmedia2day @tedcoine @kimgarst @jeffbullas @trinityadam @JeffSheehan @JuntaeDeLane @kesbutters @VR4SmallBiz

Marketing– @Crowdfire @SeanMaxwell @mmmichaelkohler @geoff_deweaver @2morrowknight @newswirenet @DayTraders1 @ammr @RizzReed @AxelKoster

Content Marketing– @Journey_America @2morrowknight @LarryWentz @socialmedia2day @tedcoine @jeffbullas @kimgarst @GlenGilmore @JuntaeDeLane @alphabetsuccess

Social Media Marketing– @socialmedia2day @tedcoine @jeffbullas @richysantoro @TedRubin @WORDUPTORONTO @alphabetsuccess @KP_Kelly @EntreprePro @christyanthony

Social Media Tips@jeffbullas @alphabetsuccess @Social_Tabloid @MisterSalesman @Strong_Social @Sam_Hurley @Angela4design @Every_Social @jsmarketingcom @KISSocialMedia

   You’ll notice @Sam_Hurley @jeffbullas and @kimgarst in bold.  Those are three follows you should take for sure 🙂

   Hope this helps your business!

Triple Post in Social Media from One Platform. Save Time!

3 Birds With One Stone in Social Media!

Everyone is looking to save time.  That’s a given.  It get’s tiring visiting multiple social media platforms.  Today discover how you can post once hitting all three linkedin, twitter, and facebook.

UPDATE: I’m including this for the sake of completeness.  If your interested in a 3rd party software to do this, you can try Hoot Suite.  Otherwise, please proceed to use the sites themselves.

  1. Hook Up Twitter to Linkedin- Login to Linkedin then Add Your Twitter Account.
  2. Login to Facebook then Click Here to Link Your Twitter Account.
  3. Login to Twitter then Click on your small profile picture in the top right of the screen.  Then select settings then Apps.  Make sure your tweets and retweets are selected to post on Facebook.

That’s It!  Now visit Linkedin and Share an Update selecting to share at twitter too.

Magically your post will appear at all three sites!  Be sure to mark your message with a hashtag #example of whatever you choose to categorize your post.  View a previous post on using the correct hash tags.

One thing I didn’t like about this process is that when I posted a picture at Linkedin it didn’t place the picture on the twitter post. Instead it made a link of the picture.  Overall, still a useful process.

You might be interested in another time saving trick for getting your content on youtube and a podcast site, View Time Saving Trick.

It Hope this Helps Your Business!