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What You Got Front End That Makes or Breaks Your Back End?

That’s a Nice Front End!  For those that take me literally front end in this post refers to the Attractive Value you use to Market, not necessarily a car front end.

Marketing in Traffic Exchanges has a lot to do with capturing someone’s interest quickly.  If you know this then you know to use attractive images and promise something of value that pertains to your target audience.  When you go to collect someone’s email address with a squeeze/capture page what is it that they can’t resist?  What will they find out by hearing from you?  What will they get?  What’s in it for them?  Why should they click on your advertisement?

If you do take the step into website ownership such as owning a traffic exchange or a tool to help the industry do you see how the value of the site is your magnet and attraction?  It becomes your front end, the attraction, the magnet, the home base.  Now if you get this front end to something of high quality, happy affiliates can help you build your list/email addresses/contacts.

If you gain the trust of your contacts/list then it becomes an easy matter to benefit from the rewards of referring people to your suggestions, the famous back end marketing!

Be thinking out there in the surf, in the industry, stay alert and alive.

Your Business Will Be All the Better!


Your in Social Media, But, You Don’t Know What This is?

The Next New Thing in Social Media is Right Around the Corner.  Yet, how many have overlooked a Traffic Exchange?


   The Definition of Social Media is: Websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

   A Traffic Exchange is Social Media, even more so if it is equipped with chat.  To make a landing page(an ad that precedes your website or is a capture form), a service can be used such as Adkreator.  This can be useful if you don’t want to use bandwidth or worry about bounce rate(How long someone stays on your website).

A Traffic Exchange allows the user to share his content, website, or advertisement.  A user can purchase advertising and that is the end of it just like you can purchase tweet promotion. A user can also view others sites so that their site is seen in a trade off system.

Traffic exchanges mainly seem to target a potential new member to another traffic exchange, online marketers, or someone interested in online business.  Going outside of this target will present a greater challenge on your advertising efforts.

Marketing to Marketers- The Entirely Crazy Food Chain

            Crazy Food Chain and Where You Stand

The money is in producing creative, unique, helpful concepts and leading us with your vision.  Take chances and think independently.  Improve what is out there.  Organize to make our lives easier.

Find out the how and why…
   The traditional model of the distribution of information is still present, but, as you’ll see it’s not the only pathway.  See if you recognize these marketers and their degree of influence.

The Top Thinker– Thought Leader, Creative Ideas, Independent Thinker


1. They lead us in the evolution of the niche, specialty, industry, or field.
2. They have the most influence and largest potential monetization from the specific subject.
All roads point back to them.

The Adopter– A person absorbs ideas of a top thinker then shows support.


1. Help us by presenting the top thinkers ideas in an easy to understand way.
2. Further ideas by improving them.
3. They may inspire others to give greater merit to a top thinker.

The Organizer– Simply takes material from top thinkers and adopters then organizes it.


1.  Helps us to find relevant, meaningful ideas quickly.

 The Consumer– The seeker of information and motivation.


1. A large audience that can be monetized.

   If you don’t ever do any work then you’ll always be a consumer.  It’s quite possible that in your field you will bounce between these roles.  The good news is that becoming a thought leader can be a faster process than it was before.  The reason is your ideas can be shared by social media(twitter, facebook, etc.) at a very rapid pace.

   Advertising and established followings are still strong, but, you can see how unique, helpful concepts can catch up or even pass up the traditional with word of mouth advertising(social media).

   Winning peoples respect and attention is the name of the game.  Aim for being the top thinker as much as possible.  If you can’t create then adopt and improve.  If you can’t adopt then organize for us.  Consume to help you do all the above.

The money is not in just consuming.

   The money is in producing creative, unique, helpful concepts and leading us with your vision.

The Most Simple, Direct Answer to YOUR Business Succeeding

I was reading about successful businesses and it stated a couple of things a business was doing better, and it kicked off an emotional response in me.  Instead of me trying to address all the components for your success you just need a simple philosophy, CARE.  If you care about your business and your customers, then any logical soul can extend that to all the things they do.  You should understand that your business reflects what it is each and every day and tells people who YOU are.  The most basic questions of how your business looks, how you treat people, your support, and product quality need to be answered by YOU CARING.  Hope this helps your inner mindset and gets you to improve aspects of your business today.

If you were able to take something positive away from his please share it with others and we’ll have a better business world, your peers will thank you for it.

Advertising is the Price of Being Boring- Author Unknown


I don’t know who coined it or if it has enough revelation to be sited with a source, but it’s a good thought.  How much does word of mouth advertising cost with twitter and facebook when your simply being shared.  It’s FREE!  Talk about a return on investment! 🙂  So maybe spend some time on not being boring.  Come up with some good stuff that people really want to share about your business.  Going right along with this is make things easy to share, have those social buttons right next to the cool things your doing with your business.  Also, it may seem obvious, but simply asking people to share what your doing on your site can work.  Watch this, if you think someone may benefit from this little pep talk on doing something exciting please share it!

Catch up with you later gang..