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Shocking Confession of an Internet Business Owner

Have Ideas Not Beliefs

Confession: I don’t know everything.  Do you know everything?    It is quite interesting to me that in business confidence and influence sells.  However, do we take care to realize that we are in a changing environment?  It’s even more so if it is internet business and technology.  Our thoughts should be flexible. I’ve always been a fan of have ideas not beliefs.

   Gary Vaynerchuk, a man taking a 3 million dollar business to 60 million, admits that he contradicts himself.  I appreciate that kind of honesty.  People that are influenced by Gary accept his contradictions and respect him for his raw, honest opinion.

   When I write it is many times establishing a point, but, I’m honest enough to say that I could end up contradicting myself.  Are you flexible enough to do that?  In all reality, if your brave enough to express your opinion, sometimes you are going to be wrong.

   When we claim to know something it is often based on math, what we have learned, and our experience in business.  For instance, in our industry, the training of the Cash Surfing Network reveals mathematically where people are spending money and how much on average per signup.  The results are obviously bias of people spending money at the specific site CSN.

   I could easily present my findings as here is where people are spending money.  Yet, it’s more accurate to let you know that these results are from members advertising the Cash Surfing Network.  What you advertise and how influences results.  Do your own Tracking.

   In life and business verify things against your direct experience.  I liked it when J.S. Gilbert recently said question everything.  He is exactly right.  When drawing conclusions look for repeatable, consistent patterns.  These are good indicators of relevant information to understanding the world.  However, nothing is ever 100% fact.  (You are free to disagree with me on that.  Maybe I’ll contradict myself and state there are facts tomorrow.)  Instead, we continuously prove and manage ourselves accordingly.  The majority of people once believed the world was flat.  It isn’t, in case your behind the times.

Take a look at the scientific method.  Most people think scientific law is absolute.  Yet…

   “A scientific law is much more flexible. It can have exceptions, be proven wrong or evolve over time, according to the University of California.”-

   Taking it back to our industry.  To make sense of traffic sources, look over all the ranking lists.  We can see patterns of sites ranking consistently high.  These would be very good spots to try out when looking for traffic sources that produce.  Always be aware that sources can saturate and start effecting your results.  But, I’ll say it again, do your own tracking.

   Lastly, most people can study business statistics and history to provide themselves with a workable, foundation for success.  However, it’s creativity and heart that are the predictors of big success.  I’ll leave you with a couple quotes.

   “Imagination is More Important Than Knowledge”- Albert Einstein

   “We know what we know, know there are things we don’t know, and there are things we don’t know we don’t know.”- D.H. Lawrence

Why Google, Facebook, and Twitter are Absolutely Awful!

Pay Per Click Advertising

    Pay per click advertising is very expensive from google, facebook, and twitter.  I want to present you with a quick case study.  View the following results of using google adwords and facebook to advertise Brandmetool.

   The only branding I got were text ads and a small visual on facebook.  I got one referral for $8.05.  Let’s contrast this with purchasing a login spotlight.  I’ll get 100’s of full page unique visual views, targeted traffic, and a cost of 3.00.  Or for 8.00 you could easily pick up 8,000 views.  I’ll most likely pick up more than 1 referral on a login spotlight.  Even if I didn’t, the branding alone is worth the cost.  I’m currently running an experiment on other sites spending the same amount on login spotlights as I did with google and facebook.  I’ll update you with the results.

   For the sake of completeness, I have tried twitter advertising and found that they charge outrageous prices for engagements in which you may not even get a view of your website.

   What are Twitter, Facebook, and Google(Organic) good for?  It’s free advertising that you should get from them.

   It takes very little effort to form a tribe of people to like and tweet things from the group.  We all have different collections of twitter followers and facebook friends.

 The issue is that the item being shared has to meet a quality guideline suitable for the whole group to share.

   We can’t expect everyone to blast out something of low quality.  Want to super charge your network?  Come visit us at 6pm eastern every Monday-Friday at  It’s free to meet everyone.  Just look for the show labeled “Legacy Hours”.

   It really is silly for us to not get together and leverage something of incredible free power, twitter and facebook.  It takes seconds to like or tweet something.

   Please follow me on Twitter and Friend Request me Here on Facebook.  While were at it how bout a follow on Instagram at username MarcusWahl1

   Everyone should reach out to marketers and work from home people with content marketing and we can easily amplify it’s reach with social media.  This seems like the most direct, cheapest, and easy plan to traffic exchange growth doesn’t it?

   If your new to traffic exchanges I would like to present the following articles on targeting and the target of traffic exchanges.

Target Market- Feeding a Carrot to a Dog is Futile

The Only Way to Make Serious Money at Traffic Exchanges

The key words I mentioned earlier and related words are great examples of target products that would do well in traffic exchanges.

   Need an easy way to describe what traffic exchanges do?

Humor: I’ll show you mine if you show me yours or It’s Like Show and Tell.

Direct: You view my site and I’ll view yours or a Network of People Sharing their Sites.

   Just a note to advertisers, it only takes you the time to set up your ad if your in a hurry.

   In summary, traffic exchange advertising and it’s network are grossly overlooked.  Make them work for you and don’t become a google, facebook, or twitter statistic of failed advertising.  Hopefully, this article meets your quality demand so we can share this thing all over the place, up and down the river, and everywhere but the kitchen sink.  Go Traffic Exchanges!

Hijacking Traffic – Oreo Steals from the Super Bowl

Take Maximum Advantage

   The 2013 Super Bowl had a black out for 34 minutes.  The clever marketing team at Oreo seized the moment to launch a simple, well timed advertising campaign.  The results were incredible leaving some to wonder if it was more effective then the huge amounts of money that can be spent on an actual ad at the Super Bowl.

Oreo’s Tweet During the Black Out

   Oreo leveraged a current event that an insane amount of people are participating in.  They hijacked an event for advertising purposes.  To some extent, in a much smaller way, I’m leveraging a current event that just happened, the Super Bowl, to capture an additional audience.

   Moving forward, I would like to look at leveraging things within our industry, traffic exchanges.

   Traffic Exchange Owners and Members Can Use Hot Bucks on their ads to bring the following that chases them.  Members Hot Bucks are more for stopping someone on their page for a focused look.  They leverage the following.

Find Out Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Hot Bucks

  1. Hot Bucks What are They?
  2. Hot Bucks What are They Short and Fun Version.
  3. Your Benefit from Hot Bucks
  4. Get a Site Listed/Authorized for Hot Bucks
  5. Cash Surfing Network Leaderboard Prizes
  6. Most Recent Explanation of Hot Bucks

   Here is another example.  In this splash page I am targeting and leveraging the following of Dragon Surf.  The members using it identify with the logo and theme of the site.  This can be done to some extent with Adkreator, which has the option to automatically place a logo above the ad page of a traffic exchange.

   Lastly, I want to point out taking advantage of things going on in our industry.  For example, maybe start an email capture about letting people know about Black Friday sales when it’s current.  Let everyone know where all the good sales are.  Maybe work with some owners to give you exclusive deals just a little bit better than regular.   Say a promotional special is running at some big sites.  State after your done collecting x, let me give you this free report, let me handle this for you.  People will recognize the promotion reference.  You leverage it.

   What currently is going on in the Super Bowl, a much larger scale, or what is going on in your niche industry is something to leverage.  Hope this helps your business.

Changing from PTC to the Cash Surfing Network It Works!

Thanks for giving me the time to explain why switching from PTC to the Cash Surfing Network is in Your best interests.


Why the Cash Surfing Network is Better than a PTC, it’s Because
Free $12 Signup Bonus, 2.00 loaded into 6 traffic exchanges!


Free member at traffic exchanges and Free member at CSN


+ any upgrade, banner, or text purchase awards 10% commissions even
as a free member from your referrals at CSN and the Traffic Exchanges

+ any cash prizes you earn, one single prize might be worth 10.00
You will find real cash prizes with our Hot Bucks OFTEN

+ we have paid to promote and ptc ads to EARN MORE!

+ free training and coaching on earning more / finding good places to advertise

+learn more about additional cash surfing

+ we have a community!

Our business has been paying people for over 4 years!!
Free $12 Signup Bonus, 2.00 loaded into 6 traffic exchanges!


+ .01 per active downline surfing each day if you surf 555 each day yourself

= .15 MORE a day with 15(max) active 555 surfers

THAT IS A POTENTIAL .60 an hour!



+ higher commissions at CSN and the traffic exchanges 35% commissions!

+ any cash prizes you earn, one single prize might be worth 10.00

+ we have paid to promote and ptc ads to EARN MORE!

+ free training and coaching on earning more / finding good places to advertise

+learn more about additional cash surfing

+ we have a community

Our business has been paying people for over 4 years!!



It took me 4 minutes to click 21 ads at neobux
.021 = 4 min x 15 = .315 per hour

some earnings from your referrals clicking

That is it, end of story for neobux 🙁

I have went through all this to show you using CSN is worth it and you should make the switch.
After you get going, however, I encourage you to start focusing on building a business instead
of focusing on the smaller money. Converting the online website hits to money is a big deal!

Hope this helps you!

Have questions or concerns, we are available in live webinar to answer questions every Monday-Friday at
6pm eastern at show “The Legacy Hours”

Hey if you guys get fired up and want us to appear on Saturday and Sunday we’ll do it

Do you want your question answered live? Just tweet us at #csnhelp

Video taken from CSN’s Banner Run

What Does the Big D Mean for Your Business Success?

Design is Critical to Your Business Let’s Explore

Splash Example 1

Splash Example 2

Don’t Run Away too fast.  Further down are tips on how to use Adkreator, a Design Software.  Jump to the video tips now if you need too.

Are you the black sheep of your family?  Well, if you are then you stick out and probably get noticed more.  In our industry video is under used and that makes it stick out from other advertisements just because it isn’t seen as much.  Video also helps make a connection with your audience because the speaker is life like and personal.

Splash 1– The design is simpler than 2 and very easy to read.  There is a little bit of a 3-d effect with the gold brown fire back ground to help it come off the screen a little.  The page performed reasonably in the surf.  If you want to use it just click on it, join the site, and find splash 11.  The call to action button brings it home and it’s important to have in your splashes.  The button could have used more of an action word in it, but, what the heck that page is done 🙂

Splash 2– The reason I wanted to show you this page is more information is given on the left hand side.  It’s true that some surf without sound on and that leaves the message of your video void unless they stop to listen.  Therefore, having a nice design and a message is important to video splashes in case they don’t watch or listen to the video.  This is Splash 6 from the Cash Surfing Network and it is the 2nd best performing page, behind 9, and it’s my belief 9 is ahead only because of the target we use it at.

Splash Example 3

Splash 3– I included this splash page to show one without a video.  In particular, I’d like to call attention to the up to 35% commissions popping out towards the viewer.  Pages that use a come off the page feel/effect will do better.  This is splash 19 in your affiliate area at the Cash Surfing Network.

These pages were not designed by a professional and if you can afford it I suggest going right to doing that.  It just saves time and it’s better on your business to do so.  However, design costs will start adding up so learning to design your own with adkreator is useful.

Adkreator Tips! You can upload your own personal background image to not only stand out, but you can produce something quite visually impressive versus a standard template.  Another nice tip. Use, a free service, to bring in some very creative text to help you out.  You can upload back grounds and the text as you do a normal picture.  I get my backgrounds often from .

   We can’t leave ad kreation without talking about capture or squeeze pages.  These ads collect an email address.  It will need an email service(auto-responder) to work.  Capturing email addresses, while a little more work because you have to write emails, is the preferred method.  You can have repeat contact with your subscriber for repeat sales.  It’s nice to do the work once and get paid multiple times.  I’m sure you’ll agree there.

   You know the nice thing about all this information.  You can visit us at our live webinar at every Monday-Friday at 6pm, titled the Legacy Hours #thelegacyteam, if you want to ask questions for free.  Drop by anytime.

   Hope this helps your business!