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Robin Hood Should Have Been a Salesman

Robin, You Should Have Upped Your Sales Game!

   Robin Hood’s first appearance dates back to the 14th century in ballads.  As you may recall, he steals from the rich and gives to the poor.  His end goal was nice, but, obviously the way he went about things was wrong.

   My solution, if we could go back 700 years, is that Robin should have just used his brain to create and manage a business.  The end result would be the same minus the stealing and scared rich folks.

   Recently, it occurred to me how important persuasion is in making things happen.  Selling is literally all around us in business and life decisions.  We sell our products and we sell our ideas.  If you want to go more in depth on sales read As a Man Selleth, Life or Death Business

   My point is that Robin could have laid down his bow to organize something that created the wealth that he would give to the poor.  Sales and business skills are learned just as firing his arrow to the smallest of targets is.  In our industry, sales are greatly overlooked.  There is really very little time spent on them when they are so insanely important.  Of course, I can’t come up with a good excuse why things are so relaxed throughout the TE Industry. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we are perfect, but I would say we are ahead of many.

   If you want people to create ballads remembering your name because of your great business success then don’t forget the sales game.  Persuasion is a curiously powerful thing.

   I just have to say it… “The Pen is Mightier Than the Bow” 🙂

Wall Street Wakes and Makes Wealthy Waves!

Remember the Movie Wall Street?


   The 1987 movie, Wall Street, starred Charlie Sheen and Michael Douglas.  At one point in the show Charlie is trying to get the big player stock brokers attention, Michael Douglas.

  Sheen tries to bring him research on a company to make money off of.  The big Tycoon tells him I got 20 other guys doing the same thing for me.  Bring me something I can use, something they can’t.  I compare this to how the modern content marketer must feel.  The amount of information they compete with is insane.

   Today’s discussion is on something that can help you stick out in a big way, show creativity, solidify your brand, engage your customers, and if you were in the movie Wall Street, impress Michael Douglas.  The answer is Story Telling.

   Story telling has been with us since the dawn of communication.  We can relate to a story, but, just how is it used in Marketing.  In these modern times social media is really big.  Word of mouth advertising has become a power house.  Hence, this is why story telling is so big.  People can remember the story and they can be emotionally moved by a story.  This emotion prompts us to share.

“The principles and success factors are closely related with word-of-mouth, social sharing, social media in general, brand perception and the very core of content marketing.”– J-P De Clerck

“Stories make messages pass easier.”– J-P De Clerck

   I found a couple consistent messages with the construction of story telling in marketing.

“The key to creating consistently amazing pieces of content is to remember that you aren’t the hero in this story.  The hero is your audience.”– Jonathan Chan

“The customer should be the main character, with your company serving as the supporting character that offers tools to help them create successful resolutions.”– J-P De Clerck

    Our company story is built around the creation of a traffic exchange.  It’s about three guys that loved traffic exchanges so much they dedicated their lives to it.  We want others to experience the fun and success AND the real heroes of our story… it’s the members that rallied around us, supporting our calling.

   If your interested in our entire story visit the Legacyhits Story.

In summary, your content marketing shouldn’t be without story telling mixed in.  It’s too powerful in a modern social media world where things are so easily shared.  It’s too human to be ignored.

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