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A Story of Redemption Improves Your Business

   Homeless, broken, and with no education in business.  It’s not a pretty start, but, it was the truth.  It was a world that lacked purpose and easily could be compared to a mental prison.  How on earth did I escape?

   Sometimes a tiny break in the wall gives you hope and a place to start.  That tiny break with Jon Olson.  The man is a huge spirit that believes in his industry and the people that work within it.  When you think that you lack the compacity to inspire, empower, and change someone’s life you are 100% dead wrong.

   To further this point, let’s look at the advice from the great business sage.

   “A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could”– Zig Ziglar

   These are the very reasons for any human being to get up in the morning.  I’d like to ask you one simple question.

   True or False: Helping another is one of the most rewarding feelings and helps heal your own inner struggles by taking you outside yourself?

   Because I know your human, I know the answer will overwhelmingly be answered true.

   From a business standpoint what happened to me and what can we learn from the situation.

   1. Don’t Start a Business Without Research: If I had followed rule number 1 all future problems could have been avoided.  That is the power of knowledge front and center.  I impulsively jumped into the business and it’s really a life lesson here as well.  Continuous impulsive decisions is not a prescription for success.

   2. Don’t Start a Business Underfunded: Ok I understand that in our industry people are experimenting with us as free members.  However, the basic investment is going to save you time and realistically make you more of a real business.  The list, collection of email addresses, is huge in online business.  You need an auto-responder or email service.  Next, you need to know where you are getting success so you can advertise there until saturated.  Then just maintain there for branding purposes if needed.  The answer to this is

   Big businesses need funding for design, programming, marketing, customer service, and advertising.   This leads us right into the next point.

   3. Don’t Cut Corners.  Instead Outsource Where Needed: When you slack on one of the above elements you are costing yourself time.  Time is money for the most part.  Let’s take design for example.  Promoting a bad design prevents people from joining your site.  This makes your promotional efforts more difficult and more expensive.  Don’t try to do everything yourself.  Stick to your talents and stay out of the way when it isn’t your specialty.

   4. Have Your Connections in Order and Work on Building Relationships: This was one thing that I was sort of getting right.  I was contacting a lot of people and participating in the community.  The problem was everything else was out of whack.  Just don’t forget to participate in your industry community and reach out to people that are already established.  Many will have helpful advice and can help you get off the ground and maintain your business.

   In summary, if you are broken then keep trying.  Find your inspiration so you can give it to others.  Follow the above 4 suggestions to business success.  This will surely put you on the right path.

What Unthinkable Person Knows Your Business Future in 3 Steps?

Three Steps Sums up Your Business Startup Future

First They Ignore You– If you have any experience with opening a new business then you know that the first thing you have to do is establish yourself.  Nobody knows about you yet.  This is where it takes a large amount of advertising so that your visible.  If your on a limited budget then consider some creative work in social media.  Maybe consider a referral contest with the small base of members that you have brought in.  Mindset wise don’t get discouraged when people fail to recognize you.  As you’ll see, the whole process takes time.

Then They Laugh at You– Your out there killing it working hours and hours getting your message out there.  Some people will want to try and laugh at your efforts.  They are the ones that hope to be there when you fail so they can validate their sitting back on the sidelines is the comfortable, right place to be.  If you continue with your hard work they won’t be able to continue to laugh at you.  Then they will have to chalk it up to blind luck that you somehow succeeded when this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Then They Fight You– Sadly, if you find that some people are hating you then you’ve made a dent out there.  The side liners are giving you their final battle towards attempting to verify your hard work isn’t worth the time.  These people will find excuses for your success because they themselves don’t want to go through the process.

   These people if they are serious about business should be focusing on what THEY are doing.  Instead, they are wasting their emotion on you and become content at sitting on the side lines.  Full of excuses, they then wait for the next start up to repeat the whole process over.

   Then You Win.  If you have the ability to learn and keep going then I guarantee you will find your way to success.  Now that you know what to expect, your mindset can be all the stronger.  I hope it helps your business.

The 1 Word All Great Business Owners Mastered

motivation picture decide

How could one single word be so powerful?  I’ll show you that, in fact, it is.

The word is DECIDE– Make a CHOICE from a number of alternatives.  Cause to come to a resolution.

This is a highly psychological matter that has real results.  It is when you DECIDE that you are going to make something work that the magic happens.  Vision is entirely necessary, but, it never becomes a reality without the DECISION of ACTION and PERSISTENCE.

I’m reminded of a recent quote I read “Vision without Execution is Delusion” and the recent bit I heard from Tony Robins, “When you burn the boat and jump on the island”.  It’s that time when you Decide there is no other way.  You go all in.  Your willing to do whatever it takes and it’s at that point that a future successful business owner is born.

Your goal becomes clear and outside support is no longer even needed.  Vision, Will, and Action are all pumping.  The business you have taken on is a part of you.  It all rests on one single word…

Are you ready to DECIDE that your going to make your business a success?




The Most Important Thing to Talk About… It’s Change?


I was hanging out in a new video platform connected heavily with twitter, called BLAB.  I saw there were a lot of conversations going on about social media and I thought to myself what is the most important thing to talk about.  The answer I’m sure you’ll agree with is…  Change.

People and businesses are always imperfect.  If we know that to be true then the type of businesses we should be running and following are ones that are working to constantly improve(changing).  The same is true of the business peers that we choose to work with.

No matter how strong your business armor is, there will always be holes in it, I mean places to improve.  Don’t stop learning because learning new things are the gateways to positive change.

Ideas of positive change are ok, but, positive ideas of change followed by action are exceptional.

Offer people ways to improve their business, to make positive change, and you will be rewarded.

If it helped your day or business mindset, please share it with others.

Till Next Time 🙂