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An Advertising Engine, What you Think?

Greetings folks, today’s blog post is on a little advertising engine.  It’s a little simple trick using the site Paidverts. The site is bringing in some monster
traffic, just look at its alexa: 1675. Once you get a feel for the site you’ll understand that it’s target
audience is going to be income opportunity, but many things apply to that.

What you do is view ads to get their BAP, bonus ad points, or you straight away purchase

their ad packs.  Purchasing their ad packs is as you might imagine a much faster way to go.  Now all you do is come back and visit their site until they do an ad release.  They are

usually pretty good except for Saturday as I understand.  The BAP which you get from buying ad packs or simply viewing ads turns into ads that you view to earn money.  I just take the money I earn from viewing the ads and buy more ad packs(more advertising).  The more BAP you have

the higher value ads you’ll receive.  It’s really pretty darn simple and with the site being so popular, it’s an easy way to advertise.  I like easy don’t you?

This is how it works in a little steps so nobody can say I didn’t explain this good.

1. View BAP ads or buy ad packs

2. Earn enough to or buy an ad pack, get BAP for purchasing an ad

3. Keep coming back and do it over and over again

4. Enjoy cheap advertising

5. Don’t get carried away with this because it depends on their management to keep things going so well.  They do have some things going for them, but you know how it is sometimes

with site management.

See ya over at Paidverts

P.S.  You can buy an ad pack for 1.00

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