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Is it That Simple Making Money? Internet Traffic and Beyond

Making a Home in Online Traffic

   Are you a traffic exchange owner and know everything already.  If so just zip down to Trial and Error in Traffic Exchange Ownership.

   About 15 years ago I created a poker blog looking to earn from referrals or directing traffic.  If you go searching for free traffic, online website hits, get website traffic, etc. you will eventually discover traffic exchanges if not right off the bat.  So there was my first exposure.  Now putting a blog about poker into traffic exchanges failed to earn me any money.  Why did it fail?

   Marketing in traffic exchanges is a highly targeted audience for very specific things.  The majority of people in them are probably not poker players.  A person surfing or building credits in a traffic exchange is looking to get free or low cost traffic to their business.  So if you like traffic exchanges, which in my case I did, what does do well in them?

   What Does Well in a Traffic Exchange?

  1. Advertising Another Traffic Exchange– Far from rocket science, advertising a place to get more exposure to a person’s business in a way they are already familiar with and using is very targeted.  But as we’ll see later, there is a better approach then just advertising a standard affiliate page.
  2. An Internet Tool to Help Manage Traffic Exchange Business– You’ll see plenty of management software(most include a downline builder, a way of directing referral traffic to traffic exchanges and tools).  It is highly targeted because a person viewing the ad is in a traffic exchange using it and is already familiar with what they are.
  3. Affiliate Programs that Deal with Making Money in Online Business– Most in traffic exchanges are familiar with being an affiliate since a referral url/link is assigned right on signup to bring more people in.

A Future for Traffic Exchanges

   Many will estimate that there are over 10,000 traffic exchanges world wide.  Well, it won’t take very long to find out there are a lot of them.  But, most of them have very little traffic.  Just as death and taxes continue, you’re sure to see another traffic launch soon.  Lot’s of people like to take their shot at it and a commercial script has made this even easier to enter the market.

As much as traffic exchange owners would like to see a car manufacturer come in and advertise their brand of car, it is a giant leap from what we see being done currently.  Instead, the target market seems to be very, very specific.  Interestingly, many of the people using te’s(traffic exchanges) own a car.  It’s just that we are not on Ford’s radar.  Our reach in sheer numbers is small compared to a television ad.  It appears that traffic exchange people are here for some very specific reasons.

There are two big ideas to success in traffic exchange marketing.  One is being a website owner and the other is building contacts(building a list).  A website owner doesn’t have to create a traffic exchange but they are so highly targeted that many do.  There is a lot less risk in creating something that is time proven.  But maybe you are one of those people that thinks that being ordinary is the greatest risk off all.  Website ownership has some amazing advantages.  If you run a successful te then you are collecting email addresses in the process of building a client base that purchases from you.  To me double punch is the words I think of.

If you don’t have the funds and/or resources for website ownership you can start with an autoresponder and a splash/capture page maker.  Now you will be tasked with the great challenge of having something of VALUE to convince someone to give you their email address.  Then you must have emails that are worth listening too.  You must keep people’s attention.  I want to stress that this is not an easy task.  Don’t underestimate it and don’t quit your job thinking you’re gonna be a traffic exchange expert.

I feel that there is such a large population that give up in our industry and I really do feel like asking is there something I could have done different for them?  Now if a person looks at the work, is properly informed about what to expect, then decide it isn’t for them… Well, then it’s like anything else in life.  They are just looking for something different.

   Trial and Error in Traffic Exchange Ownership

   At this moment in time, April 13th, 2017, we are about to release a new currency for the traffic exchange industry.  Promotional currency isn’t a new concept, yet, we will put our dedication and enthusiasm into a project designed to help the industry we care about.  The Legacy Team likes to work from home, likes marketing, and likes traffic exchanges.  If you’re a part of this industry as advertiser, hobbyist, or traffic exchange owner we encourage you to support this new effort in community and network.

   As I reflect now, after five years, myself a surfer, I feel like I have a greater instinct about the motivations of people that use traffic exchanges.  One or more of these probably cover our community:  People use the sites to make money, be visible(active branding), collect email addresses for lead generation or share thoughts, entertainment, be part of a group, and/or because they like playing which of these icons are not like the others 🙂

   Whatever your reason, we invite you to join the Legacy Team


Marcus Wahl

Why Google, Facebook, and Twitter are Absolutely Awful!

Pay Per Click Advertising

    Pay per click advertising is very expensive from google, facebook, and twitter.  I want to present you with a quick case study.  View the following results of using google adwords and facebook to advertise Brandmetool.

   The only branding I got were text ads and a small visual on facebook.  I got one referral for $8.05.  Let’s contrast this with purchasing a login spotlight.  I’ll get 100’s of full page unique visual views, targeted traffic, and a cost of 3.00.  Or for 8.00 you could easily pick up 8,000 views.  I’ll most likely pick up more than 1 referral on a login spotlight.  Even if I didn’t, the branding alone is worth the cost.  I’m currently running an experiment on other sites spending the same amount on login spotlights as I did with google and facebook.  I’ll update you with the results.

   For the sake of completeness, I have tried twitter advertising and found that they charge outrageous prices for engagements in which you may not even get a view of your website.

   What are Twitter, Facebook, and Google(Organic) good for?  It’s free advertising that you should get from them.

   It takes very little effort to form a tribe of people to like and tweet things from the group.  We all have different collections of twitter followers and facebook friends.

 The issue is that the item being shared has to meet a quality guideline suitable for the whole group to share.

   We can’t expect everyone to blast out something of low quality.  Want to super charge your network?  Come visit us at 6pm eastern every Monday-Friday at  It’s free to meet everyone.  Just look for the show labeled “Legacy Hours”.

   It really is silly for us to not get together and leverage something of incredible free power, twitter and facebook.  It takes seconds to like or tweet something.

   Please follow me on Twitter and Friend Request me Here on Facebook.  While were at it how bout a follow on Instagram at username MarcusWahl1

   Everyone should reach out to marketers and work from home people with content marketing and we can easily amplify it’s reach with social media.  This seems like the most direct, cheapest, and easy plan to traffic exchange growth doesn’t it?

   If your new to traffic exchanges I would like to present the following articles on targeting and the target of traffic exchanges.

Target Market- Feeding a Carrot to a Dog is Futile

The Only Way to Make Serious Money at Traffic Exchanges

The key words I mentioned earlier and related words are great examples of target products that would do well in traffic exchanges.

   Need an easy way to describe what traffic exchanges do?

Humor: I’ll show you mine if you show me yours or It’s Like Show and Tell.

Direct: You view my site and I’ll view yours or a Network of People Sharing their Sites.

   Just a note to advertisers, it only takes you the time to set up your ad if your in a hurry.

   In summary, traffic exchange advertising and it’s network are grossly overlooked.  Make them work for you and don’t become a google, facebook, or twitter statistic of failed advertising.  Hopefully, this article meets your quality demand so we can share this thing all over the place, up and down the river, and everywhere but the kitchen sink.  Go Traffic Exchanges!

Reptile-cating Success in Your Business Coaching

Replication Gives You a Fierce Marketing Army

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”- Albert Einstein

Albert’s quote says it all when you are going to talk about replicating business success. Trust me, I understand this is the ideal, but we should all strive for this.

3 Steps to Replicating Business Success

These are continually done and not listed in priority.

  1. Teach to Build Presence– I prefer the word presence to branding. When people think of something to blow their nose they just might think they need a kleenex, not a tissue. Another example, instead of asking for a pop someone asks for a Coke.

You Know You Have Done Your Branding Job Well When Your Product Name Replaces the Actual Word of What it Is!

Taking this to our home industry in traffic exchanges. When people think about traffic exchanges or advertising in them, you want them to be thinking about your product.

Advertising doesn’t end when you have gotten most of the signups. Increasing your visibility shows people that you are active and creates top of mind.

I’d like to get some traffic exchange advertising. Ah yes, I’ll go to that guy I have been seeing all over the place.

Videos are a great way to build presence as it adds a more personal feel and stronger connection potential. The person becomes more alive than just a picture. In addition, if you have been reading modern literature on advertising, video has been exploding. Video is also under used in our traffic exchange industry allowing it to stick out and become more powerful.

Take it a step further, and appear on live streaming video such as I absolutely love the blab interface and I think you will too.

2. Teach to Build Relationships– Can’t understand why you need to build relationships? People buy from those that they know, like, and trust. Armies are built off working together.

A smart army will destroy a lone general every time!

A. Do Make Conversations with People

B. Do Show Interest in Others

C. Do Compliment Others Sincerely

D. Do Answer Questions and Help People

E. Do Reach Out to Others by Email, Skype, and Social Media

3. Teach to Build Knowledge– Encourage and empower others to learn more about their industry. You should always be learning more. Don’t stop or fall behind! A good teacher will always be increasing their knowledge.

    To research anything you can use google.  Everybody has that available.  For lazy people, you can even do this Let Me Google That For You.

   For those of you from our home industry of traffic exchanges I will get more specific in the training.

   Hope this helped your business and Got Your Juices Flowing!

Mind Blowing Secrets of Content Marketing and Blogging

Mind Blowing! 

   Mind blowing is subjective!  But, this just might be the super charge your looking for to producing quality content, blogging, and distribution all in one article.

   We will begin with what is 10x content or remarkable, outstanding information.  We are going to refer to Rand Fishkin and his quick chart.

1. Provides a uniquely positive user experience through the user interface, visuals, layout, fonts, patterns, etc.
2. Delivers content that is some substantive combination of high-quality, trustworthy, useful, interesting, and
Is considerably different in scope and detail from other works on similar topics
3. Loads quickly and is usable on any device or browser
4. Creates an emotional response of awe, surprise, joy, anticipation, and/or admiration
5. Has achieved an impressive quantity of amplification (through shares on social networks and/or links)
6. Solves a problem or answers a question by providing comprehensive, accurate, exceptional information or resources.

   If your interested in this a little bit more I have written on it here, Are You Strong Enough to Be a Marketing Artist?  In addition, you may be interested in the ways content can be constructed, 3 Laws to Abide for Content Marketing.  Here is an example of 10x in action, Top 7 Indispensable Apps for Entrepreneurs by Mandy Arthur.

Intermission: Do You Want to Review this Material on a PodCast(Audio Cast)?

There are tons of different kinds of Content

Use this chart from Hubspot to get ideas and make sure to make it 10x!

Next up is distribution and we will be working with social media quite a bit.  So fasten your seat belts.  We’ll start with optimizing our tweets at twitter with the proper hash tag.  The program we will use is Ritetag.  Just open this in google chrome so it makes everything in this article work together.  It has a 7 day free trial so signup and download the extension.  This program integrates with your twitter.  I’ve met the CEO of Ritetag, Saul Fleishman, on  He is a really nice guy.

   By the way if you need to manage extensions in chrome just open your browser, then in the top right click on the three horizontal bars, then select “more tools” then “extensions” from the drop down menu.  If you want to add an extension scroll to the way bottom of this screen and click on “Get More Extensions”.  Then search for the extension you desire.

   The above is handy because next we are going to add the extension “sniply – Drive Conversion Through Content” This thing is cool it adds a call to action to the content that you pass out to others.  Example: I’ll share Mandy’s article but notice the call to action added in the bottom left. can be used completely free!  Thanks to Laura Rubinstein for her suggestion.

   Lastly, grab the program Hootsuite.  It’s another program that can be used for free to share to twitter, facebook, and linkedin all from one place.  It can also handle google+ and facebook pages.  There is a limit of three unless your upgraded.

   Hootsuite in Action on Google Chrome

   If your using Hootsuite and have the extensions ritetag and the sniply one then this stuff is all set to go.  The extension will prompt you to snip links automatically.  The ritetag info there will give you hash tag suggestions and show you the influencers for the word.  Also, Ritetag will tell you the number of tweets, number of retweets, and total viewers on an hourly basis.  You will notice content marketing is listed as a good key word in green.  If it were to appear in red it would be considered over used and to have too much competition.

Next Up Blogging Tips


Blog Head Lines– No Click = No Read

Use this free tool to quickly analyze your blog headline.  Get that blog read with Coschedule.

WordPress Plugins:

   This is a free plug in that has a ton of free stuff.  I use it for two things.  One, you may have noticed a subscribe box(they call it a scroll box) that pops in on you from the top right.  This works great with an email service provider or Auto-Responder.  Capture email addresses from people that want to subscribe.  My personal take is that giving something away in addition will boost its success rate.  Second, it provides a nice social media tray that you will see reveal itself on the left hand side.

Ultimate Social Media Plus Plugin– I use this to put social buttons on the bottom of my posts and send a prompt to share after a user spends a certain amount of time on the blog.  Another free feature.

   To cap off this whopper of a post if your interested in doing podcasts(audio casts) there is a free tool to use called Audacity.  It is a free download of software that is pretty easy to use.

   In summary, we have covered content creation and how to make you competitive in today’s market.  Then we discussed the distribution of your content by social media in general and by way of blog through email marketing.

Hope this helps your business!

P.S. Traffic Exchangers I hope this helps you attract some people to the industry so it expands and becomes a common house hold name.