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Hijacking Traffic – Oreo Steals from the Super Bowl

Take Maximum Advantage

   The 2013 Super Bowl had a black out for 34 minutes.  The clever marketing team at Oreo seized the moment to launch a simple, well timed advertising campaign.  The results were incredible leaving some to wonder if it was more effective then the huge amounts of money that can be spent on an actual ad at the Super Bowl.

Oreo’s Tweet During the Black Out

   Oreo leveraged a current event that an insane amount of people are participating in.  They hijacked an event for advertising purposes.  To some extent, in a much smaller way, I’m leveraging a current event that just happened, the Super Bowl, to capture an additional audience.

   Moving forward, I would like to look at leveraging things within our industry, traffic exchanges.

   Traffic Exchange Owners and Members Can Use Hot Bucks on their ads to bring the following that chases them.  Members Hot Bucks are more for stopping someone on their page for a focused look.  They leverage the following.

Find Out Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Hot Bucks

  1. Hot Bucks What are They?
  2. Hot Bucks What are They Short and Fun Version.
  3. Your Benefit from Hot Bucks
  4. Get a Site Listed/Authorized for Hot Bucks
  5. Cash Surfing Network Leaderboard Prizes
  6. Most Recent Explanation of Hot Bucks

   Here is another example.  In this splash page I am targeting and leveraging the following of Dragon Surf.  The members using it identify with the logo and theme of the site.  This can be done to some extent with Adkreator, which has the option to automatically place a logo above the ad page of a traffic exchange.

   Lastly, I want to point out taking advantage of things going on in our industry.  For example, maybe start an email capture about letting people know about Black Friday sales when it’s current.  Let everyone know where all the good sales are.  Maybe work with some owners to give you exclusive deals just a little bit better than regular.   Say a promotional special is running at some big sites.  State after your done collecting x, let me give you this free report, let me handle this for you.  People will recognize the promotion reference.  You leverage it.

   What currently is going on in the Super Bowl, a much larger scale, or what is going on in your niche industry is something to leverage.  Hope this helps your business.

Terrible User Experience Costs Huge Money! 3 Steps Change it Now!

Don’t Shoot Your Website in the Foot!

   I stumbled upon this picture and thought what a perfect description.  Here is the navigation bar from our site the Cash Surfing Network.  We made some changes recently and I wanted to discuss them in purpose so as to help you possibly improve your business.

1. User Needs– The programmer recently emboldened the text and divided the fields into categories with lines.  This makes it easier for the user to read and find what they are looking for.  Eric also placed support and training videos higher up so that people can get the help they need without searching more.  As we’ll see the three branches we describe will overlap each other.

2. Information– Our support and training videos would be useless if they were not helpful.  We work hard at providing the necessary information in our training videos and FAQ’s.  Support is continually handling questions churning out information.  The CSN phases inform members how to complete the site.  The bottom line is to meet the needs of your member based on what they select.

3. Business Goals– It’s up to us to retain members on the site for a successful business.  We have to prevent the rage quit factor, the giving up of a member because they find the site too difficult to use or understand.  Hence, meeting user needs and supplying the correct information is of high priority to our business goals.

   One other thing to point out is upgrade and Buy/Set Up my Advertisements are pretty high on the nav bar.  It is necessary for our affiliates and the business that people can easily buy things from the site.

   One of the wildest examples of a business shooting themselves in the foot is neobux.  For the longest time it required someone to send in an email to purchase a fixed ad.  Totally insane!

  Your members should not have to go through an extra step to purchase something.

You should be aiming for the exact opposite.  How easy and fast can they check out with their items.

   It should be noted that even if you don’t have a website these concepts can be useful.  For instance, say your using Brandmetool with capture pages.  You construct an email series with an email service or auto responder.

   Now go through the process.  Is it easy to read your emails?  Can they easily see what you want them to do?  Maybe you want to use a button in addition to a link in your email.  That button generator is a free service by the way.  Is the information correct and easy to understand that your giving them?  A clear call to action accomplishes your business goals right.

Everything works together as shown in the opening graphic- Review user needs, information, and your business goal with your business and reap the rewards.

   I hope this helps your business!

Changing from PTC to the Cash Surfing Network It Works!

Thanks for giving me the time to explain why switching from PTC to the Cash Surfing Network is in Your best interests.


Why the Cash Surfing Network is Better than a PTC, it’s Because
Free $12 Signup Bonus, 2.00 loaded into 6 traffic exchanges!


Free member at traffic exchanges and Free member at CSN


+ any upgrade, banner, or text purchase awards 10% commissions even
as a free member from your referrals at CSN and the Traffic Exchanges

+ any cash prizes you earn, one single prize might be worth 10.00
You will find real cash prizes with our Hot Bucks OFTEN

+ we have paid to promote and ptc ads to EARN MORE!

+ free training and coaching on earning more / finding good places to advertise

+learn more about additional cash surfing

+ we have a community!

Our business has been paying people for over 4 years!!
Free $12 Signup Bonus, 2.00 loaded into 6 traffic exchanges!


+ .01 per active downline surfing each day if you surf 555 each day yourself

= .15 MORE a day with 15(max) active 555 surfers

THAT IS A POTENTIAL .60 an hour!



+ higher commissions at CSN and the traffic exchanges 35% commissions!

+ any cash prizes you earn, one single prize might be worth 10.00

+ we have paid to promote and ptc ads to EARN MORE!

+ free training and coaching on earning more / finding good places to advertise

+learn more about additional cash surfing

+ we have a community

Our business has been paying people for over 4 years!!



It took me 4 minutes to click 21 ads at neobux
.021 = 4 min x 15 = .315 per hour

some earnings from your referrals clicking

That is it, end of story for neobux 🙁

I have went through all this to show you using CSN is worth it and you should make the switch.
After you get going, however, I encourage you to start focusing on building a business instead
of focusing on the smaller money. Converting the online website hits to money is a big deal!

Hope this helps you!

Have questions or concerns, we are available in live webinar to answer questions every Monday-Friday at
6pm eastern at show “The Legacy Hours”

Hey if you guys get fired up and want us to appear on Saturday and Sunday we’ll do it

Do you want your question answered live? Just tweet us at #csnhelp

Video taken from CSN’s Banner Run

What Does the Big D Mean for Your Business Success?

Design is Critical to Your Business Let’s Explore

Splash Example 1

Splash Example 2

Don’t Run Away too fast.  Further down are tips on how to use Adkreator, a Design Software.  Jump to the video tips now if you need too.

Are you the black sheep of your family?  Well, if you are then you stick out and probably get noticed more.  In our industry video is under used and that makes it stick out from other advertisements just because it isn’t seen as much.  Video also helps make a connection with your audience because the speaker is life like and personal.

Splash 1– The design is simpler than 2 and very easy to read.  There is a little bit of a 3-d effect with the gold brown fire back ground to help it come off the screen a little.  The page performed reasonably in the surf.  If you want to use it just click on it, join the site, and find splash 11.  The call to action button brings it home and it’s important to have in your splashes.  The button could have used more of an action word in it, but, what the heck that page is done 🙂

Splash 2– The reason I wanted to show you this page is more information is given on the left hand side.  It’s true that some surf without sound on and that leaves the message of your video void unless they stop to listen.  Therefore, having a nice design and a message is important to video splashes in case they don’t watch or listen to the video.  This is Splash 6 from the Cash Surfing Network and it is the 2nd best performing page, behind 9, and it’s my belief 9 is ahead only because of the target we use it at.

Splash Example 3

Splash 3– I included this splash page to show one without a video.  In particular, I’d like to call attention to the up to 35% commissions popping out towards the viewer.  Pages that use a come off the page feel/effect will do better.  This is splash 19 in your affiliate area at the Cash Surfing Network.

These pages were not designed by a professional and if you can afford it I suggest going right to doing that.  It just saves time and it’s better on your business to do so.  However, design costs will start adding up so learning to design your own with adkreator is useful.

Adkreator Tips! You can upload your own personal background image to not only stand out, but you can produce something quite visually impressive versus a standard template.  Another nice tip. Use, a free service, to bring in some very creative text to help you out.  You can upload back grounds and the text as you do a normal picture.  I get my backgrounds often from .

   We can’t leave ad kreation without talking about capture or squeeze pages.  These ads collect an email address.  It will need an email service(auto-responder) to work.  Capturing email addresses, while a little more work because you have to write emails, is the preferred method.  You can have repeat contact with your subscriber for repeat sales.  It’s nice to do the work once and get paid multiple times.  I’m sure you’ll agree there.

   You know the nice thing about all this information.  You can visit us at our live webinar at every Monday-Friday at 6pm, titled the Legacy Hours #thelegacyteam, if you want to ask questions for free.  Drop by anytime.

   Hope this helps your business!

Guy Hits Hurdle Wrong Good for Viral Business?


As I address this subject further, you may be interested in a previous blog post on viral advertising.

Predictable viral word of mouth advertising begins with the vision of an individual or small group.  I mention the word predictable because a youtube video of a track runner catching a hurdle just the wrong way, if you know what I mean, is well, unplanned*.  Back to executing viral…

*Unless your a goofus that practices shooting a video of you acting like your messing up on a hurdle.  Which crazy enough, I might try if I thought it would further traffic exchanges.

Granted this only had 100,000 views but you get the point.


Now let’s look at the traffic exchange communities, the Cash Surfing Network and the Plus 1 Daily.  The passionate and knowledgeable people meet at webinars currently hosted at Blab.  CSN is at 6pm eastern Monday-Friday and P1D is at 4pm eastern Monday-Thursday.

CSN is headed by Marcus Wahl, Ken Locatelli, Rodney Hage, and Eric Goettman.  Plus 1 Daily is headed by Justin Ledvina, Jon Olson, and Tim Linden.  These are the individual/small groups that see a greater vision for the industry.

Now begins the reaching out process, the spread.  Obviously, there are people that support the webinars or what would be the point of doing them and members support traffic exchanges because that is what makes them work.  We greatly appreciate that support because we understand that without it, there is nothing.  These small groups of passionate supporters reach out to communities they are involved in and the growth process goes further.

Remember, you represent your community.  Might I add that it is value that attracts people and keeps the ball rolling.  Now let’s talk about the vehicle of our message.  We could open our door at home and yell, “Hey, have you heard about traffic exchanges?  They are really great!” but we would probably just bother our neighbors.  Instead, our target is more online as that is where our industry is hosted (I’m not saying that going to a live convention of marketers could not be a productive place to discuss traffic exchanges).

Online methods of reaching communities include facebook, twitter, g+, and linkedin.  These sites have tons of people using them and are full of micro communities.  People gravitate towards picking specialties within these sites and in business because small groups/individuals handle very specific topics well.

The seven of us mentioned above can’t reach every place that we need to be, but, a group can.  Use main stream social media, forums, message boards, emails, and anything that is your specialty, because a larger industry is one that will support your business.

If you see the future with us or enjoyed the article then give it a little social love right below ya. Heck, comment on the post so people see you when they come here.  Let them know your interested in something greater.