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Cast 2 Powerful Spells for Solid Retention

It’s Not Business Wizardry, It’s Something More Human

   Do you like smaller profits quickly or are you able to accept a delay for larger profits?  They are very different mind sets.  We were recently discussing the excitement needed for member retention in our industry.  Actually receiving a payout was a result that we agreed would keep people around.

   How much money someone is interested in and how long they are willing to wait for it produces two mindsets.  These approaches might blend a little and certainly one could change the way they see things, but, here are the two I identified.

   Spell #1 Built for Speed Mindset: This person is in an extreme hurry to earn money.  If they even look at training it is to skim over it.  They want to do something quickly and they want to get paid.  I see this mindset being happy with smaller earnings ,but, they want to see that x program is paying and working quickly.  It should be noted that the extreme of this person is looking for huge profits quickly and is most likely going to leave all industries they try.

   Spell #2 Learn, Plan, and Profit Bigger Later Mindset: This person is more patient.  They are more comfortable with a set up plan for long term profits.  For sure they are not trying a desperate measure to quickly earn money.  The focus is to learn the business and take the steps necessary to building a long term bigger profit.  I tend to see this person as understanding that investment of time and/or money into their business is necessary for bigger profits.  They have less interest in prizes and smaller amounts of money.  Instead, they look to convert the traffic to eventual sales.

   Total success by group 2 is achieved in our industry by:

  1. Allowing enough time for people to come to know, like, and trust you.  This includes the visual recognition of what you stand for in graphics and perhaps video.
  2. Learning how to use an email service and write emails that convert.
  3. Stand out with creative, well designed advertisements.
  4. Continued exposure in effective traffic sources.
  5. Participating in a network.
  6. Learning about the product or service that your backing and/or the creation of a website.
  7. Add in your suggestions to comments 🙂


   How do we as an industry work with these two groups of people?  Well, that is the fun part and challenge.  While we are at it, let’s throw in a group of people that are looking for entertainment. It is intriguing to see how we have provided solutions so far and the future is sure to bring some cool ideas.

Leave Nothing to Chance, Hard Core Business

Blind Gambling is Not Business

   Don’t go into business blind and don’t be led by the blind.  Don’t want to be led a stray?  Then make sure a company is actually making money before you weigh their advice heavily.  I don’t believe luck is the reason most businesses succeed, and for that matter, I think people that believe they control their destiny have a greater success rate in life.

   Make sure you read the whole thing so you don’t miss 2016’s business trends and how they relate to the traffic exchange industry.

All Great Businesses have 4 things.  Presence, Knowledge, the Ability to Evolve, and Service at Heart.

   1. Presence or Brand– It’s interesting that they say 97% of people in our industry won’t make any money and it’s a similar percentage that fail to get themselves out there.  They fail to be known, to have a presence, to stand for anything, to become a brand.  We devised a tool to help get you out there, Brandmetool.  However, brand will ultimately depend on the entire soul of your business, resembling more of the 4 above components combined.

   2. Knowledge– Researching things is crucial to your success.  I missed that step when I first began and I hope you don’t make the same mistake.  It was a turning point for me when I decided to dig in to information about online business as far as knowledge is concerned.  Now I have books by my bedside.  Keep yourself sharp by reading up.  Don’t you want to give yourself the best chance at success?  Many big business names will praise self-education.

   3. The Ability to Evolve– People are creatures of habit.  It can be difficult to change.  However, with certainty, one thing we can predict is that things will change.  Successful businesses will anticipate it, accept and embrace it, and will boldly try changes.  They understand the importance of creating markets, being first to market, and making an industry react to them instead of the other way around.

   4. Serving People– Make products to help people.  Help others and don’t make me quote Zig Ziglar again stating to help enough people get where they want to go and you get where you need to go 🙂  Customer service is a great way to build relationships and always remember that the way you treat people reflects on your business.  Have a heart for people and many will reward you back with a love for your brand.

   I wanted to get very specific about success in our industry.  Whether you become an affiliate list builder or take on website ownership, these core principles remain critical.

   1. Design– You need to look good and show people that your serious.  Without design, people will over look what you have to offer on your website.  You will lose your customer before they even get in the door.  Also, the quality of your advertisement design is directly related to how well they do.  We can refer you to someone we used for design in the past, but honestly, the designs of our websites are not as good as we want them to be.

   2. Programming– Having special things about your site makes you stick out.  I understand many will take on a commercial script, but if you do that, you really need to set out to make yourself unique and offer value with added features.  This brings us to the next point.  This point has more to do with website ownership.

   3. Take Care of SalesSee As a Man SELLeth, Life or Death Business.

   4. Don’t be Underfunded– If there is something that really plagues are industry it’s people believing they can set up shop with a bare commercial script and roll in the dough.  I have a lot of compassion for people making this mistake as I did it myself.

   5. Relationships– To do things right, you really should be meeting people, especially the big names in the industry and forming relationships with them before you release your product.  Places to do it include webinars, skype(mcwahl2), facebook, twitter, traffic exchange chats, etc.

   The next points I make I want to show you how our industry isn’t an island.  Big business trends many times are small business trends as well.

   6. Using Video– Sometimes it seems that our industry lags behind technology and trends.  Perhaps, a resistance to change.  Video will help you to stick out, which many will agree that marketing is a competition for attention.  Video gives a personal touch and in our industry it’s under used most likely because people are shy to get in front of the camera.  That just makes it easier for you because your gonna do what it takes to be successful.  Your gonna get yourself out there right?  Take a look at the projections for video use in business from Hubspot.

Image from Hubspot

   7. Influencer Marketing– It’s really quite amazing to me how many buying decisions and signups come with the support from big names in the traffic exchange industry.  It makes all the sense in the world to network and communicate with them.  View how we worked with an industry giant in the Legacy Hits Story.  See this previous post how influencer marketing is exploding in all kinds of businesses, 2 Powerful Elements to Influencer Marketing Chemistry.

   All this information can be handed out freely, but, now it’s in your hands.  You must have the heart to see it all through if you don’t want to become the statistic of the 97% that walk away from the industry empty handed.

Why Google, Facebook, and Twitter are Absolutely Awful!

Pay Per Click Advertising

    Pay per click advertising is very expensive from google, facebook, and twitter.  I want to present you with a quick case study.  View the following results of using google adwords and facebook to advertise Brandmetool.

   The only branding I got were text ads and a small visual on facebook.  I got one referral for $8.05.  Let’s contrast this with purchasing a login spotlight.  I’ll get 100’s of full page unique visual views, targeted traffic, and a cost of 3.00.  Or for 8.00 you could easily pick up 8,000 views.  I’ll most likely pick up more than 1 referral on a login spotlight.  Even if I didn’t, the branding alone is worth the cost.  I’m currently running an experiment on other sites spending the same amount on login spotlights as I did with google and facebook.  I’ll update you with the results.

   For the sake of completeness, I have tried twitter advertising and found that they charge outrageous prices for engagements in which you may not even get a view of your website.

   What are Twitter, Facebook, and Google(Organic) good for?  It’s free advertising that you should get from them.

   It takes very little effort to form a tribe of people to like and tweet things from the group.  We all have different collections of twitter followers and facebook friends.

 The issue is that the item being shared has to meet a quality guideline suitable for the whole group to share.

   We can’t expect everyone to blast out something of low quality.  Want to super charge your network?  Come visit us at 6pm eastern every Monday-Friday at  It’s free to meet everyone.  Just look for the show labeled “Legacy Hours”.

   It really is silly for us to not get together and leverage something of incredible free power, twitter and facebook.  It takes seconds to like or tweet something.

   Please follow me on Twitter and Friend Request me Here on Facebook.  While were at it how bout a follow on Instagram at username MarcusWahl1

   Everyone should reach out to marketers and work from home people with content marketing and we can easily amplify it’s reach with social media.  This seems like the most direct, cheapest, and easy plan to traffic exchange growth doesn’t it?

   If your new to traffic exchanges I would like to present the following articles on targeting and the target of traffic exchanges.

Target Market- Feeding a Carrot to a Dog is Futile

The Only Way to Make Serious Money at Traffic Exchanges

The key words I mentioned earlier and related words are great examples of target products that would do well in traffic exchanges.

   Need an easy way to describe what traffic exchanges do?

Humor: I’ll show you mine if you show me yours or It’s Like Show and Tell.

Direct: You view my site and I’ll view yours or a Network of People Sharing their Sites.

   Just a note to advertisers, it only takes you the time to set up your ad if your in a hurry.

   In summary, traffic exchange advertising and it’s network are grossly overlooked.  Make them work for you and don’t become a google, facebook, or twitter statistic of failed advertising.  Hopefully, this article meets your quality demand so we can share this thing all over the place, up and down the river, and everywhere but the kitchen sink.  Go Traffic Exchanges!

Robin Hood Should Have Been a Salesman

Robin, You Should Have Upped Your Sales Game!

   Robin Hood’s first appearance dates back to the 14th century in ballads.  As you may recall, he steals from the rich and gives to the poor.  His end goal was nice, but, obviously the way he went about things was wrong.

   My solution, if we could go back 700 years, is that Robin should have just used his brain to create and manage a business.  The end result would be the same minus the stealing and scared rich folks.

   Recently, it occurred to me how important persuasion is in making things happen.  Selling is literally all around us in business and life decisions.  We sell our products and we sell our ideas.  If you want to go more in depth on sales read As a Man Selleth, Life or Death Business

   My point is that Robin could have laid down his bow to organize something that created the wealth that he would give to the poor.  Sales and business skills are learned just as firing his arrow to the smallest of targets is.  In our industry, sales are greatly overlooked.  There is really very little time spent on them when they are so insanely important.  Of course, I can’t come up with a good excuse why things are so relaxed throughout the TE Industry. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we are perfect, but I would say we are ahead of many.

   If you want people to create ballads remembering your name because of your great business success then don’t forget the sales game.  Persuasion is a curiously powerful thing.

   I just have to say it… “The Pen is Mightier Than the Bow” 🙂

Take It! Easy Blueprint Powerfully Redeems Your Business!

A Story of Redemption Improves Your Business

   Homeless, broken, and with no education in business.  It’s not a pretty start, but, it was the truth.  It was a world that lacked purpose and easily could be compared to a mental prison.  How on earth did I escape?

   Sometimes a tiny break in the wall gives you hope and a place to start.  That tiny break with Jon Olson.  The man is a huge spirit that believes in his industry and the people that work within it.  When you think that you lack the compacity to inspire, empower, and change someone’s life you are 100% dead wrong.

   To further this point, let’s look at the advice from the great business sage.

   “A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could”– Zig Ziglar

   These are the very reasons for any human being to get up in the morning.  I’d like to ask you one simple question.

   True or False: Helping another is one of the most rewarding feelings and helps heal your own inner struggles by taking you outside yourself?

   Because I know your human, I know the answer will overwhelmingly be answered true.

   From a business standpoint what happened to me and what can we learn from the situation.

   1. Don’t Start a Business Without Research: If I had followed rule number 1 all future problems could have been avoided.  That is the power of knowledge front and center.  I impulsively jumped into the business and it’s really a life lesson here as well.  Continuous impulsive decisions is not a prescription for success.

   2. Don’t Start a Business Underfunded: Ok I understand that in our industry people are experimenting with us as free members.  However, the basic investment is going to save you time and realistically make you more of a real business.  The list, collection of email addresses, is huge in online business.  You need an auto-responder or email service.  Next, you need to know where you are getting success so you can advertise there until saturated.  Then just maintain there for branding purposes if needed.  The answer to this is

   Big businesses need funding for design, programming, marketing, customer service, and advertising.   This leads us right into the next point.

   3. Don’t Cut Corners.  Instead Outsource Where Needed: When you slack on one of the above elements you are costing yourself time.  Time is money for the most part.  Let’s take design for example.  Promoting a bad design prevents people from joining your site.  This makes your promotional efforts more difficult and more expensive.  Don’t try to do everything yourself.  Stick to your talents and stay out of the way when it isn’t your specialty.

   4. Have Your Connections in Order and Work on Building Relationships: This was one thing that I was sort of getting right.  I was contacting a lot of people and participating in the community.  The problem was everything else was out of whack.  Just don’t forget to participate in your industry community and reach out to people that are already established.  Many will have helpful advice and can help you get off the ground and maintain your business.

   In summary, if you are broken then keep trying.  Find your inspiration so you can give it to others.  Follow the above 4 suggestions to business success.  This will surely put you on the right path.