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As a Man SELLeth, Life or Death Business

As a Man Selleth

   Your Business Lives or Dies by Sales.  There is no disputing this.  Money is the great bottom line, the scoreboard of everything that you are working on in your business: programming, design, marketing, and customer service.

   What are some common practices that are greatly overlooked in our industry.

  • A Reason to Have a Sale:  Everyone likes to get a sale price.  You should be planning for that in your pricing.  A very easy reason to put something on sale is a Holiday.  Most people can relate to that.  If a holiday isn’t close by then make a clever, creative campaign or work off the publicity of something your members recognize.
  • Make your Sale Visible:  Most owners in our business will use login offers.  That’s great, but, maybe you want to inform members of a sale in your emails and members area.  As this applies to online business in general, how can you inform without disrupting user experience too much.
  • What is the Sweet Spot:  At what price am I getting the most sales at the maximum price.  It’s very mathematical here.  We can sell a lot at a lower price or fewer at a higher price.  Bottom line, what brings the most money into the business.  Test and review your results.
  • Look to Stand Out with Your Offer:  Use quality video and graphics to draw attention to your offers.  The more unique you can make your offers from the competition the better.
  • Present the Benefits to Your Customer:  Why should your customer make this purchase?  Show them the value.  Break things down into the savings.

The Selling of an Idea

   This discussion will now move much deeper than just moving your product.  People once believed that the world was flat.  The vast majority did.  Someone had to convince the masses that it was round.  It takes proof, emotion, and energy to change belief.

“There is No Need to Persuade Anyone of Anything Unless it Helps Them.”

   Build your business off the above quote and it will grow stronger and faster.  This model has always been the more ethical approach, but in modern times, it’s now critical to utilize this.  Power is in the hands of the customer with social media.  Word of mouth advertising has become so strong that you wouldn’t want to do it any other way.

     Lastly, I want to talk about followings and the influencers that lead them.  Here is a recent post that shows ignoring influencers in helping you sell your product or ideas is a very bad idea.  Read 2 Powerful Elements to Influencer Marketing Chemistry.

   We follow a person’s past ideas, current ideas, their present, and anticipated future.  Momentum and energy are a big part of networks headed by influencers that sell ideas.  One of the most powerful components of modern networking is live streaming.  Social media such as allows for real-time interaction.  When people can’t be with each other live this is the next best thing.  People want to see who is behind a business so they know who is accountable and they want the experience of building energy together.

   In summary, selling has very researchable concepts.  This post just touches the surface.  Remember to question everything because momentum and energy of a group don’t necessarily mean they are right.  The world once believed it was flat.

Changing from PTC to the Cash Surfing Network It Works!

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Video taken from CSN’s Banner Run

3 Laws to Abide for Content Marketing

This is a logical study and personal story about meeting peoples needs, promotion, and momentum in delivering a message.

Content marketing in many ways is setting up the passageway of communication. By distributing quality material to our followship a trust is built. Then there is the trade off of value. You simply reward someone with your eyeballs, ears, or both if you like what they give you. It can be helpful to think of Content Marketing as Value Marketing.

  1. Meeting Peoples Needs– I find it highly logical to meet people where they like to be, meaning different platforms, and meet their needs in the way they like to receive information.

   A. AUDIO– I use Podcasts(recorded audio) to distribute information to people that like to listen.  This is perfect for someone that wants to listen while driving, surfs, or wants to multi task with about anything.

   B. Written Word– Shouldn’t be a shocker here, but I share things to be read on… drumroll…… a wordpress blog!  Some people enjoy reading so rock some blogging out.

   C. VIDEOS– I use Blab and You Tube Recordings to pass information out.  I’ve found that visual how to’s at You Tube seem to get the most views for me without advertising.  I suspect that if your not doing that much visually people are probably like, hey, why didn’t you just give me the audio on this 🙂  Also, watching a video is more demanding on computer resources than listening to an audio or reading a blog.

QUICK TIP: If you do content marketing yourself then visit this previous post to find out how you can quickly produce content video and audio, Two Birds with One Stone Content on Blab!

2. Promotion– I was reading somewhere that producing good content is not enough these days.  I can easily see why this is the case.  The rest of the internet caught up with content marketing strategy.  I just believe its harder for a piece of content to take off because there is so much of it out there.  Solution… Your content needs to be promoted harder than in the near past.

   It is a recent personal experience that I would like to bring up right now.  I published 4 podcasts in September of 2015 and stopped.  They all had like less than 15 listens.  I looked at my results and thought, sheesh, this isn’t worth it.  Luckily, I started doing podcasts again with my business partner and I let our membership base know.  Things started progressing as people found out and supported the podcasts.  Now there is just shy of 35,000 listens as I write this and I think that is a much better start. This brings us to our last point.

3. Momentum– So what caused the big difference in results?  Just having the number of listens increase a little by promoting it gave the podcasts a group validation or approval stamp.  Then it seems people were more likely to listen and/or share.

The moral of the story is work on producing good content.  Look around you at the many examples that people are doing.  No need to copy them exactly as that makes it harder for you to stand out.  You could ask people that you work around if your unsure of your content quality.  Next, find a way to promote it.  While it costs you your time, you can easily promote with social media such as twitter, facebook, etc.  Lastly, stay the course until momentum has taken some hold.

Before I sign off, I’d like to talk about something I heard Brian Fanzo state in a blab.  He stated that you should have different content at different platforms so people are more apt to follow you everywhere.  I agree with that conditionally.  As long you make darn sure everyone knows that you have exclusive content on x at said platform.  If they don’t know, it becomes an issue, as we discussed promotion already above.  In addition, I think that written, audio, and video should be available if possible for most things.  Using exclusive content to a platform should be used to maximize a following so that when you need to get an important message out, you find that person where they are.

   I think its clear how important momentum is after reading this.  Rest assured, every ounce of support you give the Legacy Team is appreciated.  If you enjoyed the article please share it to facebook, twitter, g+, and anything else you can think of 🙂

Power Marketing in 2016… Your Problems Demystified!

marketing in 2016

How Marketing Looked in Late 2015

  1. Original Content Marketing– Bloggers, magazines, company websites, etc. use how to’s, product release information, statistics, and interviews all to drive traffic in to raise brand awareness(a company’s presence), have back door products, and/or collect an email address.

2. Social Media Amplifies Your Message– With sharing networks like facebook having over a billion users, it is a fact that a good network will boost your exposure.  Making things easy to share and establishing a community means a lot of your marketing work is done.

Stunning, useful, original content is best, but, providing useful information to your like minded group is beneficial as well.

Here is What 2016 Will Look Like!

  1. The game stays largely the same, BUT, Video is big.  Video consumption online is huge and growing fast.  Plenty of statistics are out there to back that up.

2. In 2016 a growing importance will be put on Live Streaming Video with platforms that perform like Blab.  Periscope and Snapchat already have 100’s of millions of users!

HERE IS THE BIG REASON:  People want to connect, understand each other, see someone that doesn’t hide, and verify a person understands their subject.

Why? People yearn for the handshake, face each other style of business simply because we are social creatures.  We were made that way.  In addition, the spending of time on phones and computers only fuels the fire.  The need for human connection is there and we are supporting technology that brings us closer to it.

2016 is Yours!  Just be visible in video and don’t leave out live video!




3 Quick Moves for Social Media Success

I’ve been using for quite a while now. Today we are going to cover three quick moves to get your message out there.

  1. Record your blab– Blab makes it insanely easy to record what you share.  After you start your blab it’s in the upper left to start and end your recording.  Your video will be stored for free.
  2.  Upload to Youtube– One click will upload your video to Youtube.  I love this feature.  After your show has ended just find your recorded show.  I just use the search box for “Legacy Hour”, the name of our show to find it.  I click on it and then on the left hand side I press “Upload to Youtube”.  Amazingly easy.
  3. Download the Audio from an Email from Blab– After recording your show and it has ended, eventually an email will arrive in your registered email with blab.  You can download the audio and video from here.  The audio is in mp3 format and you can easily upload it to a Podcast Site.

That’s it!  Three quick moves to get your message out with blab.

Have an amazing weekend

P.S. Did you miss the Podcast– Standing Out and Getting Results