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6 Indisputable Business Truths Online

Trust Ye Business Truths


Stick to the truths and your business will end up as pretty as the picture.  This is from the first out going email in a Brandmetool capture series.  Hope you can take something away from it.

Here are the 6 Online Business Truths:

1. People Buy from Those that They Know, Like, and Trust
2. Better Designs Have More Success
3. Social Media is Capable of Giving Us Free Traffic
4. An Email List Leads to REPEAT Sales, Not Just One
5. The Easiest and Fastest Sign Up Process is Best
6. A Network is Needed for Big Success

Brandmetool Does This:

A. Massively Builds Your Presence
B. Gives You Beautiful Designs from Professionals
C. Sets You Up for Fast Social Media Connections
D. Builds your List
E. Has the Fastest Sign Up Process
F. Gives You a Network


  1. People Buy from Those that They Know, Like, and Trust– I know it’s so classic that it goes without saying, but, one of my favorite sayings is fundamentals win football games and that will be proven until the end of time.  People can meet you so to speak for the first time in video so get a jump on your competition and use it.  Check out this last post on the rate of video consumption estimated in future years, Leave Nothing to Chance, Hard Core Business #6 #5 also has a bit on relationships.


My personal favorite way of networking, meeting new people, and building relationships is  I’m really pleased with this live 4 man/woman video interface.  It’s clean look and ease of use has been the first video cast that I have been satisfied with.  Swing in and meet us at 6pm Eastern Monday-Friday show name “Legacy Hours”.

2. Better Designs Have More SuccessWhat Does the Big D Mean for Your Business.

3. Social Media Gives us Free TrafficTwitter Power and Sharing and Content Marketing

4. An Email List Leads to Repeat Sales, Not Just One– One of the easiest ways to ensure the growth of your business is to have a growing, responsive email list.  Don’t just bring someone into one program, do it time and time again.

5. The Easiest and Fastest Sign Up Process is Best– Pretty common sense here.  If your signup process is complicated your going to lose people.  Also, everyone wants to do things fast or they give up some times.  Don’t lose those people.  You also may enjoy a post on perfecting user experience, Terrible User Experience Costs Huge Money! 3 Steps Change it Now.

6. A Network is Needed for Big Success– Maybe you can build a big business on your own, but, you will have a huge business if you have the help of a network.  We love working with people, swing in and meet us at the 6pm eastern Monday-Friday “Legacy Hours” show at

   In summary, make sure you apply the six business truths above.  If Brandmetool can be a part of that process for you then great!  Just remember, fundamentals win football games, and so it is for business games too 😉

Reptile-cating Success in Your Business Coaching

Replication Gives You a Fierce Marketing Army

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”- Albert Einstein

Albert’s quote says it all when you are going to talk about replicating business success. Trust me, I understand this is the ideal, but we should all strive for this.

3 Steps to Replicating Business Success

These are continually done and not listed in priority.

  1. Teach to Build Presence– I prefer the word presence to branding. When people think of something to blow their nose they just might think they need a kleenex, not a tissue. Another example, instead of asking for a pop someone asks for a Coke.

You Know You Have Done Your Branding Job Well When Your Product Name Replaces the Actual Word of What it Is!

Taking this to our home industry in traffic exchanges. When people think about traffic exchanges or advertising in them, you want them to be thinking about your product.

Advertising doesn’t end when you have gotten most of the signups. Increasing your visibility shows people that you are active and creates top of mind.

I’d like to get some traffic exchange advertising. Ah yes, I’ll go to that guy I have been seeing all over the place.

Videos are a great way to build presence as it adds a more personal feel and stronger connection potential. The person becomes more alive than just a picture. In addition, if you have been reading modern literature on advertising, video has been exploding. Video is also under used in our traffic exchange industry allowing it to stick out and become more powerful.

Take it a step further, and appear on live streaming video such as I absolutely love the blab interface and I think you will too.

2. Teach to Build Relationships– Can’t understand why you need to build relationships? People buy from those that they know, like, and trust. Armies are built off working together.

A smart army will destroy a lone general every time!

A. Do Make Conversations with People

B. Do Show Interest in Others

C. Do Compliment Others Sincerely

D. Do Answer Questions and Help People

E. Do Reach Out to Others by Email, Skype, and Social Media

3. Teach to Build Knowledge– Encourage and empower others to learn more about their industry. You should always be learning more. Don’t stop or fall behind! A good teacher will always be increasing their knowledge.

    To research anything you can use google.  Everybody has that available.  For lazy people, you can even do this Let Me Google That For You.

   For those of you from our home industry of traffic exchanges I will get more specific in the training.

   Hope this helped your business and Got Your Juices Flowing!

As a Man SELLeth, Life or Death Business

As a Man Selleth

   Your Business Lives or Dies by Sales.  There is no disputing this.  Money is the great bottom line, the scoreboard of everything that you are working on in your business: programming, design, marketing, and customer service.

   What are some common practices that are greatly overlooked in our industry.

  • A Reason to Have a Sale:  Everyone likes to get a sale price.  You should be planning for that in your pricing.  A very easy reason to put something on sale is a Holiday.  Most people can relate to that.  If a holiday isn’t close by then make a clever, creative campaign or work off the publicity of something your members recognize.
  • Make your Sale Visible:  Most owners in our business will use login offers.  That’s great, but, maybe you want to inform members of a sale in your emails and members area.  As this applies to online business in general, how can you inform without disrupting user experience too much.
  • What is the Sweet Spot:  At what price am I getting the most sales at the maximum price.  It’s very mathematical here.  We can sell a lot at a lower price or fewer at a higher price.  Bottom line, what brings the most money into the business.  Test and review your results.
  • Look to Stand Out with Your Offer:  Use quality video and graphics to draw attention to your offers.  The more unique you can make your offers from the competition the better.
  • Present the Benefits to Your Customer:  Why should your customer make this purchase?  Show them the value.  Break things down into the savings.

The Selling of an Idea

   This discussion will now move much deeper than just moving your product.  People once believed that the world was flat.  The vast majority did.  Someone had to convince the masses that it was round.  It takes proof, emotion, and energy to change belief.

“There is No Need to Persuade Anyone of Anything Unless it Helps Them.”

   Build your business off the above quote and it will grow stronger and faster.  This model has always been the more ethical approach, but in modern times, it’s now critical to utilize this.  Power is in the hands of the customer with social media.  Word of mouth advertising has become so strong that you wouldn’t want to do it any other way.

     Lastly, I want to talk about followings and the influencers that lead them.  Here is a recent post that shows ignoring influencers in helping you sell your product or ideas is a very bad idea.  Read 2 Powerful Elements to Influencer Marketing Chemistry.

   We follow a person’s past ideas, current ideas, their present, and anticipated future.  Momentum and energy are a big part of networks headed by influencers that sell ideas.  One of the most powerful components of modern networking is live streaming.  Social media such as allows for real-time interaction.  When people can’t be with each other live this is the next best thing.  People want to see who is behind a business so they know who is accountable and they want the experience of building energy together.

   In summary, selling has very researchable concepts.  This post just touches the surface.  Remember to question everything because momentum and energy of a group don’t necessarily mean they are right.  The world once believed it was flat.

Changing from PTC to the Cash Surfing Network It Works!

Thanks for giving me the time to explain why switching from PTC to the Cash Surfing Network is in Your best interests.


Why the Cash Surfing Network is Better than a PTC, it’s Because
Free $12 Signup Bonus, 2.00 loaded into 6 traffic exchanges!


Free member at traffic exchanges and Free member at CSN


+ any upgrade, banner, or text purchase awards 10% commissions even
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+ free training and coaching on earning more / finding good places to advertise

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Free $12 Signup Bonus, 2.00 loaded into 6 traffic exchanges!


+ .01 per active downline surfing each day if you surf 555 each day yourself

= .15 MORE a day with 15(max) active 555 surfers

THAT IS A POTENTIAL .60 an hour!



+ higher commissions at CSN and the traffic exchanges 35% commissions!

+ any cash prizes you earn, one single prize might be worth 10.00

+ we have paid to promote and ptc ads to EARN MORE!

+ free training and coaching on earning more / finding good places to advertise

+learn more about additional cash surfing

+ we have a community

Our business has been paying people for over 4 years!!



It took me 4 minutes to click 21 ads at neobux
.021 = 4 min x 15 = .315 per hour

some earnings from your referrals clicking

That is it, end of story for neobux 🙁

I have went through all this to show you using CSN is worth it and you should make the switch.
After you get going, however, I encourage you to start focusing on building a business instead
of focusing on the smaller money. Converting the online website hits to money is a big deal!

Hope this helps you!

Have questions or concerns, we are available in live webinar to answer questions every Monday-Friday at
6pm eastern at show “The Legacy Hours”

Hey if you guys get fired up and want us to appear on Saturday and Sunday we’ll do it

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Video taken from CSN’s Banner Run

Triple Post in Social Media from One Platform. Save Time!

3 Birds With One Stone in Social Media!

Everyone is looking to save time.  That’s a given.  It get’s tiring visiting multiple social media platforms.  Today discover how you can post once hitting all three linkedin, twitter, and facebook.

UPDATE: I’m including this for the sake of completeness.  If your interested in a 3rd party software to do this, you can try Hoot Suite.  Otherwise, please proceed to use the sites themselves.

  1. Hook Up Twitter to Linkedin- Login to Linkedin then Add Your Twitter Account.
  2. Login to Facebook then Click Here to Link Your Twitter Account.
  3. Login to Twitter then Click on your small profile picture in the top right of the screen.  Then select settings then Apps.  Make sure your tweets and retweets are selected to post on Facebook.

That’s It!  Now visit Linkedin and Share an Update selecting to share at twitter too.

Magically your post will appear at all three sites!  Be sure to mark your message with a hashtag #example of whatever you choose to categorize your post.  View a previous post on using the correct hash tags.

One thing I didn’t like about this process is that when I posted a picture at Linkedin it didn’t place the picture on the twitter post. Instead it made a link of the picture.  Overall, still a useful process.

You might be interested in another time saving trick for getting your content on youtube and a podcast site, View Time Saving Trick.

It Hope this Helps Your Business!