Bitcoin Dies, and it’s Under Appreciated Brothers Thrive 2018

Bitcoin Dies

A little flare for the dramatic and some comedy to start our day today.  However, if you were a big holder of bit coin or any crypto today you are probably not laughing right now.  Bit coin and crypto currencies took a Big Hit.

Here is some insight into the future.  Doomsday people ranting that bit coin is a bubble and over speculated on may have some validity.  Let us not forget the actual value of a crypto coin is providing low transaction costs, fast transactions world wide, actually paying for goods and services, and perhaps transactions without a face or name.

Bitcoin is still pretty new and has a long way to go in acceptance.  It also has problems of expensive and slow transactions.  Most of the crypto exchanges are accepting bit coin and Ethereum.

   Why not start backing Ethereum?

   It wouldn’t have to be ethereum but it does have the jump on many alt coins as far as acceptance and exchanges are already set up for them.  Why not support a coin that actually works to provide a valuable service that it set out to solve, low transaction costs etc. and ethereum happens to have uses to developers as an added bonus.

I really look forward to the day that alt coins are not tied so strongly to bit coin and going into the future I think it will happen.  Ask yourself why hold bit coin…

Disclaimer: No investment advice is being offered here.  It is my opinion and thoughts.

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