It’s Awful, the Industry Blew Up, Cats and Dogs Pandemonium

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   Paypal said goodbye to the traffic exchange and mailer industry.  It’s a crushing blow and the way they handled it is unethical.  A so called reputable payment processor stops payments without warning and freezes funds??
   In light of what happened, my next question is what are you going to do about it?  I’m assuming that you are not going to leave the industry or you probably wouldn’t even be reading this.
   We have added the payment processors payza and solid trust pay to the mix.  I’m a big fan of Solid Trust Pay as they have always handled our withdrawals and their business record of ten years is eye opening.  They take security seriously.
   We suddenly released what I call a members market.  We dropped prices for our lifetimes in an effort to build up funds at payza.  But… whats coming for the future?
   There has been talk of a script/software release in the future with terms of service/acceptable use attached to it.  It may involve the policing of sites as well.  Someone already said it “They are going to tell us how to run our business”…
   What are your opinions about what happened, your answers to the future, did a certain revenue share program cause all the problems?, and was paypal ethical?  Comments welcome!


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20 thoughts on “It’s Awful, the Industry Blew Up, Cats and Dogs Pandemonium

  1. Barbara DelGiudice

    Hi Marcus I’m sorry that this happened to the industry and will pray that it will build back up for you quickly. I think it’s terrible that they freeze your money for 6 months. That’s just too long. I am OK so far with Adkreator and hope they don’t do this to me. In the mean time I am transferirng money to my bank account regularly.

  2. Marcus Wahl Post author

    Thanks for your good thoughts and prayers! Freezing funds in this situation is awful. I believe that adkreator as a service for design that can be used in so many places should be totally immune to what is happening. Of course, don’t quote me on that. I’m not a lawyer. I think it’s a good idea to keep your funds in a bank and as little as needed in online payment processors. Thanks for commenting.
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  3. Aaron

    Hi Marcus,

    I’ve been in the advertising industry for years and know lots about how unethical PayPal are . I have personally tried to stay well clear of Paypal for as long as I could .

    I have a problem though with what you have insinuated ” has a certain rev share company. Abused all of this to happen?” I know you haven’t directly said it but to even question it is a joke really . When PayPal froze this company’s funds I knew that it was going to happen to everyone else and instead of other Traffic Exchanges sticking together, they exploited this situation and benefited because of it. Even now the SEC have taken the company to court and all Traffic Exchange owners have gone silent. People who are supposed to dons in the industry have not come forward to help in this matter . Help meaning , to explain what traffic exchanges are about and how they work. No one should try to shift the blame onto anyone but PayPal who did what they are doing to you , to this company before you .
    Everyone benefitte from the traffic because of this rev share /traffic exchange . They were sending traffic to your site and others. Millions wouldn’t have even known
    about traffic exchanges if it weren’t because of this particular company and that is a fact that NO ONE can deny!
    Regardless of what people say about this company , they accomplished what no
    other revs are company have ever achieved before !

    1. Marcus Wahl Post author

      Oh I don’t contest that the rev share many of us know we are talking about was successful in what they went to accomplish. The problem, in my opinion, and most likely some authorities is that what x rev share did was illegal. Then the illegal was “associated” “connected” to an industry that doesn’t operate like x rev share company did. He could have bottled water rev share and I’m sure if any water bottling companies had affiliate programs then they would be in the lime light. Hopefully you see what I mean.

      1. Aaron

        There was nothing illegal about what the company did. Everything was transparent , clear and according to the law. Terms and conditions were there to be read , pop ups that reiterated what it was exactly that you were paying for. There were no investments and the only thing that was guaranteed was traffic! I received tonnes of traffic from that site which I hadn’t received from any of the other traffic exchanges in years . The actual issue is that people did not understand how it worked and some still don’t today. Even those who are supposed to be educated are still ignorant . One of the main reasons for this ignorance is because of how affiliates sold it and because of how those with loud voices spread rumours and lies! Many tried to exploit is as much as they could just like in any other business opportunity . Some were smarter than others and some were just blind gamblers and risk takers . The truly successful ones are those that exploited the use of the traffic rather than the rev share opportunities . As I said , my business has gone a long way because of the traffic , although I did also benefit from the rev share too. When the question is asked , “How was it illegal ?” Most either quote from another famous website who hates all traffic exchanges including YOURS and others quote from the SEC who has clearly copied and pasted their findings from this famous woman’s website which is very amusing .
        Paypal had been playing games for god knows how long . I have collected recordings and emails from them . According to PayPal they have never accepted payments or worked with traffic exchanges . Really? I have this in writing and voice recorded messages . Even now some are saying that they haven’t frozen certain traffic exchanges accounts which is the same lie that they promoted when they froze this particular company’s funds . Most traffic exchanges would have be receiving lots of abuse now if PayPal had frozen their funds first , but due to it being a known issue , there is more trust amongst customers and less accusations being made against traffic exchanges . PayPal are and have been the ones breaking the law and the blame lies with them . Read their past and previous terms and conditions and look into how many times they have broken the law. Look at the patterns too . When PayPal get heavily fined or loose money some other company/companies get burned.

  4. Catherine White

    Becoming Paypal compliant is the goal of many as they are the GIANT in the payment processor industry. I believe PP is the one dictating the current standards and many changes will have to be made to become PP compliant. I’m willing to listen with an open mind while, at the same time, moving forward with other payment processors.
    The strong will survive and thrive in this new advertising climate.
    Best Wishes,

    1. Marcus Wahl Post author

      well written Catherine 🙂 all this time we put in just how much is thrive 🙂 you know if it wasn’t such a heavy financial penalty it’s kind of fun to have something different.
      but some people depend on the money and all(me) 🙂 have a great day

  5. An owner

    Marcus if you ask me it has all to do with that particular site. It isn’t the first time this happened to PayPal with that kind of site. It is at least the 2nd time. Ofcourse I can’t be sure but yeah I think it’s them. On the other hand there are no coincedences (in my book).

    Sadly those kind of sites keep popping up. If it would be for me no one would accept them, not mailers not ptc’s no TEs. Perhaps that would help to make them stop ruining more relationships with payment processors.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if TE’s PTCs Mailers keep accepting them (not all do!!!) more payment processors will not accept most Mailers PTCs and TE’s

    1. Marcus Wahl Post author

      Well, I appreciate your good thoughts, but sadly, the industry doesn’t have enough money power to have any real effect on their bottom line. They don’t have to pay attention because it’s a drop in the bucket. A grain of sand from the beach.

  6. Richie Faller

    Marcus.. Yes highly unethical. But just as the monster mega banks do not care about their customers, nor give any creditable customer service. So goes Paypal. They have become the monster mega bank in online payments. And just think, it was people like us that made their business successful. I remember when Paypal stated. They would do about anything to get your business. No they are big and powerful. And what happens, you run things their way or bye, bye.

    In saying that, it is their business they can and will do as they wish. I am sure they crunch numbers to see how hard it will affect them. And I am sure they think of no further impact beyond that statement.

    Richard Faller

    1. Marcus Wahl Post author

      Yeah I understand it from their side. It’s not a human decision at all from their stand point. Crunch the numbers, how is the bottom line effected. Proceed.

  7. An owner

    Marcus you misunderstand me. I mean if we don’t accept rev share sites ad packs and the like they won’t get big. So the rev share sites and ad packs don’t get big.

    and again to someone here who said we all profited from it there are and have been sites that do NOT accept them not then and not now!

    1. Marcus Wahl Post author

      I see what is meant here. You mean to not let the rev share sites get any fire power, no momentum. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to block them all from getting a following even if most sites, ours included ban their sites. It would certainly help to ban their site quickly good idea!

    2. Aaron

      Yes many of us have all benefitted from it. Nearly every traffic exchange on the traffic exchange list accepted these type of adverts . I can only recall two that did not accept them.
      So this would seem like a clear conflict of interest.
      Which sites so no to a paying customer or an advertiser that is willing to browse through the exchanges in exchange for their own adverts to be advertised and viewed by others?
      Many of the exchanges hadn’t seen as much traffic coming to their sites at anyone time. Mass sign ups and new subscribers who all came from that site. And if you are a serious marketer or traffic exchange owner you’d check where you’re sign ups or traffic in general came from. If anyone is honest , they’d admit that they received tonnes of traffic and a hell lot of new sign ups because of that site . On top of that, many of those newbies became upgraded members which means that owners received monthly payments from multiple subscribers . I certainly didn’t hear any blame or complaining about this site when everything was booming . In fact , if you go back a few months and read traffic exchange news updates from various gurus, the traffic exchange industry started to thrive .
      Saying all this , I think that it’d be better for us to come together and to prove why the traffic exchange industry is real and !
      One may ask why we should come together and the clear answer to that is , the whole industry has been attacked from ALL fronts and not just rev shares as people have tried to push. You don’t even need to read between the lines . This stuff is clearly documented on many traffic exchange hater’s site and guess what ? It’s also documented in SEC report too.


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