Always Be Willing to Rethink or Take it Further

Your Never Perfect Especially in a Changing World

   Nothing is ever perfect and everything can always be revisited.  This is a follow up post to Marketing from 89 Year Old Dead Man is Magical.  In the above post I was trying to make a business point about marketing and creativity.  It’s just that what I left out potentially allows misinterpretation and there is more for us to learn here.

   When I said programming can be copied I didn’t mean that the person, the exact programmer, can be replicated.  All programmers are not created equal.  Specifically, Robert Arnold, Josh Ditty, Eric Goettman, Ryan Langrick, and Barry Langdon have all been a tremendous help.  The greatest reason is that they understand the industry we are in and can make suggestions and anticipate problems.  This speeds up programming time and the quality of the end product.  I am very grateful for their help.

   Obviously, the output of specific design styles can’t be copied because Picasso is different than Van Gogh.  The same also applies in that a exceptional designer can understand just what you need quicker and make suggestions over a mediocre one.

   In customer service, a person that is remarkable with their ability to relate with people, understand their needs, maintain a positive attitude, and solve their problem swiftly is a rare find.

   Here is the thing.  I do not think someone in business should try to handle all of these dimensions on their own.  It’s too much work and your not getting the best in each field.  Outsource where your not strong.  It reminds me of that saying, don’t have a chink in your armor.  If you do, rethink it!

   The soul or heart of a business is made up of the people that contribute to it.  Those exact people can’t be copied nor can their unique contributions.

   I’m inviting you to rethink your business if you try to do everything.

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